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  1. Trust me, it is a great reason for going Sith Lord. Nothing but the final boss can hold up well against it. I hope you find it soon.
  2. How is it a dead end? Is this PC, only? I have never been able to access it,although I have tried to find the Exchange Jekk Jekk Tarr base one. Isn't it supposed to be a ubese talking to you beyond a wall there?
  3. How exactly do you access this? Is it useful? Can it damage your game?
  4. What. For real!? What precisely is the node?
  5. No. No you are not. I think MMOs suck.
  6. I thought that the Cheat Node was in the Jekk Jekk Tarr Exchange base place. (Where you get [....]/[.......])
  7. Well, crap, you could have the expansion things. Like the Rock Band Track Packs.
  8. The only bad part is the warranty. I do not have an Xbox Live account.
  9. KOTOR 3 is only free to play if you pirate the game. I used to get caught up on the fee issue for the game too. Except that I realized that the monthly fee is roughly the same as the cost of going to a couple movies a month. Except that I get significantly more enjoyment out of the game. Imagine playing KOTOR and starting the game off as a Soldier. You play through the game until completion, and it takes you 30 hours to beat the game. Now you load up the game as a Scout, and you realize that you are starting off in a different part of the galaxy, with a different story that runs parallel to the one that you ran as the Soldier. It might overlap in some places, but for the most part it's another 30 hours of unique game play. Now, load up the game as a Scoundrel, and realize that the same holds true for this class. And after a bit of time, a content update comes out, extending the stories and providing more to do. Pirate the..... Wait, I meant that if you buy the game, that is a one-time fee. ex.- You buy Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft. You pay one time for Warcraft 3, but not only do you buy WoW, you have to pay if you play. MMO's are not free to play (once per month) But Warcraft is. Unless possibly if you play Multiplayer on Battle.Net. Besides, who says that K3 couldn't have multiple unique paths as described in paragraph 3. I hate having to explain this all the time.
  10. Still, wouldn't LA have locked it if they didn't sanction it?
  11. Tell that to people like EA who would rather release console games than PC games This is why I am POed at K2 on Xbox for having so much cut content that there is no (legal) way of restoring. This actually causes more crime, if you think about it!
  12. Hey, I read another topic that posted a link to LA about modding directions. It said something about softmodding and well, it may be legal because a moderator started the topic.
  13. Care to explain that in English. That means- Beat them (evil laugh) ****ty games=cash to play legit games= free to play. What does that mean? Does that mean we struck a blow to MMOs? YAY! Hey MMOs-
  14. I was kidding about the breakthelaw part. I was curious, that's all.
  15. Is the U.S one of them? And how would you....Acquire this chip?
  16. I read that the Firaxan shark models are, indeed, just placeholders. I do not understand the choice ( Assault Droids would have been simpler). Too bad there is no legal way to see this on the Xbox version, the only one that I own. :sad:
  17. Wait. Could Obsidian release a cut content disc? Are you sure modding is illegal?
  18. Agreed. Also, Nihilus, how do you have the skull,shrug, and flaming smilies?
  19. HEY! To play a MMO you have to have freaking Broadband to get fun out of it!!!! A KOTOR 3 would not need Broadband!!! Also, a MMO can only be on PC. NOT ON XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! The TOR idea sucks freaking eggs. TOR is Bull Crap!
  20. Easy about Handmaiden. Go do a planet. Due to a bug that I also experienced, you cannot damage Handmaiden until after you go to a planet and do a few things. Doesn't matter which.
  21. Easy about Handmaiden. Go do a planet. Due to a bug that I also experienced, you cannot damage Handmaiden until after you go to a planet and do a few things. Doesn't matter which.
  22. How do you mod an XBox? I read a guide that even showed pictures of TSL's cut content. How do you mod TSL and the Xbox?
  23. Alein? Howdy! um. Sith-Revan tied with Bane Jedi- Handmaiden (she is extremely hot after all)
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