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  1. Ummm..... I meant so it would work better. And this is the original Xbox, not 360...
  2. .....Can I safely say nobody is gonna answer this?
  3. Huh. first time it said no dynamic tags.... yay!
  4. it's not really a matter of definitions, it is a matter of magnitudes. most christian religions, most religions for that matter, allow their worshippers to come and go as they please (though they clearly don't want you to leave). you are not harrassed to the point of fear for your life if you choose not to continue to follow. they are also not specifically concerned with taking money from their flock either (though clearly all religions would like something in this regard). you can worship all day, and take advantage of the services they offer, without donating a single penny. neither of these is true of scientology, not even remotely. cults operate at the detriment to their followers and to the benefit of only their leaders. this is not true of most religions. certainly all religions have some cult-like aspects (any worship fits the definition of cult), but they simply do not meet the conditions generally thought of as a true cult. it's like shades of gray. some are a bit more extreme, mormon and/or latter day saints, for example (no, they are not the same thing), and others are very extreme to the point of actually being what we would normally refer to as a cult, jehova's witnesses, for example. generally, it comes down to the level of control over followers' lives that is in place. taks True. My church (now I am speaking for myself) does not try to control my life besides what every religion or cult does (by teaching). In fact, I am like a friend to my preacher. Heck, I am his friend.
  5. I clicked the thing that allows you to insert an image and the first time put the URL in Properties, and the second I put Salamando.gif
  6. Yes, this is a cult. Christianity is not. End of story. Germans banned scientology? Good for them!
  7. Sorry for misspell. And yes, it is triumphant, but the original earth is destroyed. And you believe too. Good!
  8. Think I got it! Nope, it says: Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed
  9. Oh my gosh... D_N, I am betting you are an atheist. Am I correct? And, seriously, "cult"? Christianity is not a cult..... Now, scientology [sp?] is a cult.
  10. Still can not get that thing, though. What is the URL
  11. You sicken me. Is there not a Christian here?
  12. This would have to be the closest. Has ANYBODY read the last book of the Bible? Anybody? Anybody at all? I really can not believe some of this stuff. You do know hes quoting Ghostbusters right? You're kidding. That's in Ghostbusters??? I am not quoting!!! And D_N, that is explicitly stated in Revelations. Seriously. That is fact if anything is.
  13. This would have to be the closest. Has ANYBODY read the last book of the Bible? Anybody? Anybody at all? I really can not believe some of this stuff.
  14. How do I provide a link to a picture?
  15. My Xbox works fair......occaisionally. Most of the time it messes up for no apparent reason. When playing Fable: The Lost Chapters (which is actually in very fair condition), it never works. I have tried clearing the cache, deleting old memory, dusting off the Xbox, blowing the inside of the Box when the thing opens when I put the game in there, moving it from the usual spot (in a box-like area in my computer desk) to outside the desk in the floor (which is less dusty and better ventilated), and cleaning the disk. NOTHING WORKS!!!! Please help! And the XBox works much better on games like K1, TSL, Halo, Halo 2, Counter Strike, and sort-of Thief: Deadly Shadows....... Please Help!
  16. Oner, Krezack, I know this is off topic, but how do you make the little......flamey dude on your sigs...??....
  17. He's not protesting or "whining", simply stating a fact. Most of the pricing schemes mentioned by nihilus were unfeasible because they'd require either A)a much larger user base, on WoW scales B) The kindness of people or C) expansion and too much risk for reward. Honestly, count up how many games you've bought over the past year and price them out and I'm betting you find you spend about 2k on games each year. Honestly, if anyone is whining it's you guys. If you're gonna come up with ideas, at least make them feasible/workable within the industry without a significant drop in revenue generation. And don't say "cut profits to 0" because then the company wouldn't have ANY reason to even MAKE the game. Zip it. I do not own 2k in games.
  18. I have to get over 500 posts to be a Thaumaturgist? Holy crap.........
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