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  1. THE CONSOLE IS REFURBED!!!!!! Ahem, i would have changed the laser but i have no idea how to. And i do live in southern America.
  2. Well, this was able to play both Warcraft 3 and TFT.
  3. Yeah, BH ain't really that good. TSL destroys it. But TSL destroys anything.
  4. HAHHAHA! And for those who do not have an MMO-capable computer? Besides, Kotor 1 sucked in comparison to even an unrestored, unmodded, TSL.
  5. How do I upgrade? Do you mean like a new computer? This ain't even my computer. It's my dads. How do you upgrade a computer? A download?
  6. Wait.......Before school let out, i looked on Wikipedia: World of Warcraft (no not WoW Wiki), and it said i needed a 512 mb RAM...... I have 256 mb RAM.......dang
  7. Do I only get to play with people in my area? Or do I get to play with EVERYBODY?
  8. Y'know, I ain't biased against mmos, actually i am incredibly eager for wow:WoW thread It's just the murdering of KOTOR that I hate.
  10. Yeah, well Bioware can kiss my butt! Look me in the....um.....avatar and say that a fully developed Kotor 3 would not sell well!
  11. Playing solo? Wouldn't everybody else be playing too?
  12. Orcs and Elves:A crappy game for DS, well in animation anyway. Read this IGN article:IGN Article
  13. Anyway, um, to buy WoW, BC, andWotLK, plus the first 7 months, equals up to about $200. WoW, BC, and WotLK(40 each) free trial month and first 6 months for 13 dollars each, equals bout $200. Am I right?
  14. clicked on link and watched the preview. What does Joker have to do with WoW?
  15. FLAMESTRIKE! That's the one, thanks Aristes!
  16. In warcraft 3, Frozen Throne, one of the Blood Elf heroes can cast Pillar of Fire, a spell that causes a red circle to appear on the ground and shoot up a massive blast of fire, and even after the spell ends, flames burn the area for a short time. And what was wrong with that link anyway (Purkake's)? Hey can I get a link to WoW wiki?
  17. Um....I got on the first link a 16 second Batman Arkham Asylum preview. And ME bes warlock, w00t!
  18. Warcraft-era. Ya know, elves, orcs, demons, that crap.
  19. Death Knight is a class? Coolllll. What about the eternally awesome Dreadlords?
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