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  1. And I have to have BC? I was planning to buy WotLK anyway, but......crap. Gilneas? Velen? Who? And what about EBay? Anyway, I want to be a blood elf, or whatever those guys are that have Pillar of Fire (best dang power ever). Hey, um, BTW:
  2. Oh, that! Yeah, i have a DVD with a trailer on there. When i first saw it i thought" HOLY FREAKING CRAP, THATS COOL!!!"
  3. Nobody likes RB apparently. Not that I have problem with that, i hate RB.
  4. ????????? Yes they take all games back.
  5. Anything Fable-ish and star wars for PS2.
  6. Even if I get Lich King and do not like the game, I can keep the receipt and take it back to Wall-Mart. (90 day munny back guarantee) when the trial is up, of course. Hey, um, I probably wont get it till October (when my football season ends, it will be reward). Hey, don't take this the wrong way, but I love you guys (as in u r great.)
  7. the EU in general is pretty ok. it's biggest problem stems from the different authors telling stories that contradict, this was solved somewhat in the NJO but even that suffered from having characters radically different in terms of power and personality between books.
  8. Battlefront III: Elite Squadron, Battlefront III, not Renegade Squadron. For what???????????????
  9. So the answer to my question is.....? Anyway, just asked my dad, and he said," We'll see. Um whatever." Coming from him, that is a probably, so.......
  10. Well my dad is the one who is going to decide whether I can get it. Hey, um, I know i have to have the original game, but must I have Burning Crusade as well? I will find out whether I can get it by the turn of the hour, hopefully. Pray for me!
  11. I prefer GH because it allows you to make your own character(world tour) and HAS characters including the " super character" that are harder to get or more expensive than the others: Lou, Rock God, and Grim Ripper (who was discontinued after II). Also, World Tour has real guys such as Ted Nungent, Sting, Zakk Wylde, and (my hero) Ozzy Osbourne. And better songs.
  12. DO you HAVE to download the updates to play? And is d/l ing the game off of Blizzard free??? And if I am forced to go with a singlee-player strat game, I am going with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne expansion. If I do not get WoW, price means absolutely nothing.
  13. What IS Empire at War, anyway? And why was old thread closed?
  14. How about something along the line of TFU, except that you control movement completely. Wave your arm and your characters arm waves too. Stab yourself in the lower areas and your character does too. However, this would be veryveryvery expensive to make and would probably require a super-Wii.
  15. No RB does not.....could someone please explain how the heck I start a poll?
  16. ????????????????????????????????? Private Server?
  17. I did. I clicked it and typed in 2 poll options. And did everything else like I would a normal topic. But no poll was placed at the top. What the heck?
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