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  1. Google.com Well, of course, but I mean really specific and virus-free.....
  2. What? It's my GF. Mate, it's not like I'm going to post a disgusting pic and pretend it's my GF. It doesn't metter, Krezzie. I've had bad experience with posted links on message boards. My trsus and faith are broken things. Once something is learned; it can never be unlearned. It's just a George Foreman grill, man.
  3. Nihilus, you got anything, since you ARE the only EoW fan I have ever seen?
  4. "Good" being the important word. Bioware is seriously going to PO the Kotor fans, obviously (already has)......WAIT!!!!! Bioware made ONE SW game! Why are we even giving a crap about Bioware?? I mean, we have dozens of other companies that could make it! Obsidian (K3 would kill if made by them) EA Petroglyph (if you are fine with strategy) !!!!! Come on, keep feeding more in here, I got ya started!!!!
  5. OK, Forces of Corruption (the EoW expansion, duh) is now my favorite game! Hey, um, where is a trustworthy site to get some mods, especially a level editor a la AoE?
  6. And I read the synopsis of The Happening........CREEPY!
  7. Wall-E is probably the best of the Pixar movies. It's just....fun to watch.
  8. I got EaW+FoC today, and it's good, but I have only had 2 hours with and do not have enough experience, so I must go with Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion.
  9. How cheap? If you want a good laptop for about $600-$800 a Vostro 1500 might be good. Well I was thinking in the 100-200 dollar price range.....Anyway, sysrequirement said on back of the box (went to wally-world today :D ) says i need high speed internet. Anyway, I might forget about it for a leeetle while cause at wal mart i got Empire at War Gold (with both original and Forces of Corruption).
  10. I am the only poster on this page that isn't an arch-mage! Weird......
  11. It's a freakingg videoo gamme, maaan? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlogixcircutesdamagedhowdyysa
  12. Can you make me a plot summary? Cause it looks interesting but cannot go see. And include spoilers, please, in spoiler tags.
  13. Wait.......what the heck does "the treacherous hurlshot is banned for life" mean?
  14. Well, on the laptop I play Age of Mythology on, I start task manager just to check the CPU usage, and it's usually between 70 and 100%. And besides some stalling in the intro, it works FINE! That is what we're talking about, right?
  15. Then again, TOR may also be the most bashed game (especially in the TSL forums, or now forum). And um I ain't mad at Bioware because it ain't makin Kotor 3, I'm mad at it because it is killing the chances of Kotor 3 with an MMO that might possibly(hopefully) flop.... Hey, never played Oblivion, but loved Morrowind, at least in the massive amount of area and RPG elements (it had everything). The only problem was that it was TOO big, couldn't find jack snot unless I stumbled upon it by accident.
  16. Hey, that term for people who play MMOs just to annoy others is "griefer". Just found that out.
  17. What? I was just saying my thoughts about each statement?
  18. What about it? Spore is awful, The Sims is horribly repetitive, My Sims is an abomination and SimCity is awesome. 1-NO 2-SORTA 3-YES! 4-YES!
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