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  1. .....could it be the disc? Check and see if it is scratched.
  2. Well, I'm obviously not typing on my Crap-Box.
  3. I think you edited it while I was typing my post. Where would I get a copy, Until it was mentioned here, I never even heard of Jagged Alliance 2.
  4. Eragon series ain't bad either, nor is Darth Bane, nor is Halo.....the list goes on.
  5. define "better." i've always been of the opinion that not causing grief is "better" than causing grief. my opinion changes not. taks Be able to play any games at all besides Counter-Strike. I have over 70 games gathering dust....And incinerating it wouldn't help.
  6. Errrrrrr, ummmm...I already posted the Orcs and Elves, didn't I? I mean like, WAY earlier?
  7. DRM? Well, dad won't let me mod (apparently never heard of Anti-Virus Software), so what's DRM? And Steam?
  8. Well, as long as it takes up under 3 gigs of memory and is cheap (I'm guessing it's on Steam?), I'll try to get it. BTW what is Steam, anyway?
  9. Mine would have to be the young adult novel series by Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  10. Isn't Morpheus the Greek Minor god of dreams? No, he's the black guy in the Matrix movies. He's both, get your movies/Greek mythology straight. Thanks, Purkake. I never even seen the Matrix....Hey, just got an idea for a new thread! (super-old PC, you mean me or.....) Check at Way Off-Topic in about 6 minutes....
  11. ....looks like the fad has gone from AP logos on avatars to Magic: The Gathering elemental description signatures....How would I go about gettin a black/red one?
  12. Isn't Morpheus the Greek Minor god of dreams?
  13. umm, Orcs and Elves, a crappily animated game for DS. OaE cover OaE gameplay
  14. I have been hearing about JA2 for almost a month in this forum, and I still have no idea WHAT THE HECK JA2 STANDS FOR AND WHAT KIND OF GAME IT IS!!!!!!!!!! Pleasehelpme.....
  15. All they really, REALLY need is better graphics and more than 7 battle animations.....and no more repetative battle phrases ex-Juhani screamin "I WILL BE YOUR DOOM!"" every 5 seconds.
  16. Well, Witness, beat me to it. :D You on the B-Ware forums? And would Kotor II on Steam be cheap? Price is the main object for me....
  17. Uhm? Ohm? What. Errrrrrr, I think I might be going with Alien vs Predator for my game......
  18. No doubt about that. But it was fun before I gave it to my cousin and he lost it (and his 360 broke so he couldn't play it anyway). Thanks alot, Deven.
  19. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (replaying on Veteran this time). Once I get wifi, anyone here with MP3-Corruption please send Friend Vouchers to me and I will return the favor. I'll tell ya once I get wifi.
  20. Meh, spell breaker suck in comparison to the Flamestrikers (which, I figured out, are called Blood Mages)
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