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  1. Trying to get my 5 dollar copy of Jade Empire to work on my crapBox. WORK, DARN YOU!!!!!!!!
  2. What is Homeworld? And I wasn't proclaiming that EaW is the best thing since sliced bread. It's a good game, but apparently we have different tastes. I like Halo, Mythology-type Games (age of Mythology, Spartan: Total Warrior), Star Wars, and Strategy Games.
  3. Well, that all depends on taste, now, doesn't it?
  4. I hear he's also in line for the Nobel Prize in economics for solving our unemployment and deficit spending problems and solving the housing crisis. Oh wait, he has only made those worse too. What the hell, give it to him anyway. By the way, when can I expect my Pulitzer for the book I haven't finished writing yet? Thank you for that encouraging statement. On Topic- I sincerely believe that OSAMA BIN LADEN deserves this more than BarOHHHHHHGHHGHck ObOMBAMERICAa Exaggerated, but only slightly.
  5. I never liked hockey, anyways.
  6. It's called "Star Wars: Empire at War, and the Forces of Corruption Expansion. <bg>
  7. Well, something with Dark Troopers, maybe a Dark Forces remake, wouldn't be bad. Cuz Dark Forces was awesome.
  8. Good one. THIS....IS....ASCENSION!!!!!!!!
  9. I remember making a thread like this, glad someone made another.....Anyway, I would like........K3.
  10. You find the files and copy, not cut, them to a new location. What location exactly? A new folder? HELP?
  11. In this case, It told me to make a GROUND force. Everytime I have seen tasks that say to build a ground force, the planet has no space opposition, so
  12. Funny vids? OK Halo: Will post more l8tr ....CANTTOUCHME!
  13. CAN'T TOUCH THIS! wut wuz that bout lol. Ahem. I did noooootthhhhhiiing at all today....
  14. Well, Anybody know where the save file is, since I already ran through the files, and I really don't know what the crap I am sposed to be lookin for.
  15. Well, a good free iPhone game is Cartoon Wars (shows stick person holding giant ninja star).
  16. That might be whats missing. I saw a hologram of Zann telling Urai to contact IG, but it stopped there and i got my new task. And how do you back up saves???????
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