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  1. Indeed. SEGA knows a lot about potential sequels: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/yakuza-5...ounced-in-japan
  2. To hell with open worlds. Long live to BALDUR'S GATE II, Dragon Age, The Witcher !!!!!!!!! Yes, I hate games like Oblivion.
  3. **** yeah! new delay. A new delay and Fallout New Vegas will be released before AP, lol.
  4. Yeah of course, AP is a Dead Rising series spin-off. MUST HAVE.
  5. After the delay, we will have chance to see a collector's or limited edition?
  6. Jason Graves. I don't remember if there are other composers (Alex Brandon???).
  7. Thanks, I don't have preorder but I'm still waiting for the game . I will buy it first day.
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