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  1. In durotar NE of Barrens. I mean in the picture. I see a boulder. Hey.....um, where could I get a cheap laptop with at LEAST 15 gigs?
  2. I like it. Agreed. If that keyboard was a chick it would be HOT!
  3. AOE2 is quite the game. Hey, what about in that amazing series that was started by Will Wright: SIMS!!!! including Spore, The Sims, My Sims, and SimCity.
  4. [sigh] dang. [insert many random curse words here]
  5. Ah, well, normal school day. Going to watch Epic Movie on FX in about 15 minutes. Hopefully next friday won't be so dang boring (get to have sleepover with 2 best friends for first time, )!
  6. Speaking of which, WoW does not have a single-player subscription-free campaign, i think. DOES IT?
  7. Holy crap. With everything, that equals at least 300 dollars. I might be screwed.
  8. Don't make me destroy you!
  9. Wasn't aware we were allowed to do that.
  10. Honestly i have never heard of either. Must be good though!
  11. It would appear I am looking at a fellow Kingdom Hearts 2 fan. Howdy!

  12. I personally like Destroy all Humans 1 and 2, but the best game ever is a tie between Fable, Warcraft 3 TFT, and TSL. Of course, I would probably put Counter Strike with a Custom Guns and Roses soundtrack (its great!), but without XBox live, it just don't cut it.
  13. Obsidian did improve KOTOR 10-fold. I like your attitudde.
  14. drive C, i could not get jack to come up. Drive D says i have 3.53 free GB.
  15. My favorite album/song: American Idiot/Holiday by Green Day.
  16. Well, look at some of my sysspecs in the WoW thread.
  17. As in mb free? on page file it said 405mb.
  18. " You were my brother, Lucas! I loved you! But you have allowed this dark Bioware to twist your mind and turn you into the very thing you swore to destroy! "
  19. HALO WARS IS AN RTS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its for 360....
  20. So I do not need high speed to play, and 256 will work?I have an ATI mobility 128 AGP 2X (Dell). Processor is Intel Pentium III, ~850 Mhz. Page file says i have 405mb available. Sooooooooo?
  21. Yeah, that's probably the only way.
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