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  1. Not exactly. The point is simply that in an MMO"RPG" balance is vitally important. When people notice after a patch that a certain class in WoW is suddenly able to defeat (most of) the others with ease, then you will not see a lot of the other classes around. Competition dictates that only the most powerful has any right to exist. In contrast, in a real RPG you will most likely have some builds that are more powerful than others. People will still choose the weaker classes because they are roleplaying and there are more things besides effectivity in combat. I even remember a rule my DM told me once: "The more powerful your build is, the more roleplaying I'll expect from you." [This on the subject of elves, who in that particular game were naturally superior at everything]
  2. Hey, don't look at CS. If my theory is true and the bonus only works for one strike, the real loser is Power Attack. And remember that this is an RPG, not an MMO. The developers of these abilities (Bioware) also made fighter abilities for Baldur's Gate II, and believe me, they are not equal. (But that's hardly on topic, as it doesn't answer any question) I know that I prefer to give Mandalore a Mandalorian Heavy Repeater and I'm pretty sure I never see more than 2 attacks. Don't know about pistols, as I make people dualwield if they can. Okay, post-testing (cheated some more XP to my final save to explore the previously unlearned feats, also some constitution to survive a game where Kraya can do 350 damage criticals): Critical Strike: Two attacks connected. No critical hits (though that doesn't say anything), but Kraya had to roll against con exactly once - not twice. A second test with Master Speed gave me 2 criticals, on the rolls of 17, and 13. So I guess you're right. The Crit Range modifier applies to the whole round. Rapid Shot (one pistol): 2 attacks (and no hits, but no surprise there) Flurry (one lightsaber): 2 attacks. Edit: For anyone wondering: Yes, I used the Master version of each of these feats. I simply shortened their names because I couldn't be bothered...
  3. This topic has now seen two necromants. A double zombie, so to speak. Anyway, my 2 cents: 1. Obi Wan could defeat Anakin because he only recently fell to the dark side. If KotOR 1 and 2 have taught us anything, then it's that an unplanned fall to the dark side will screw up your battle plan. Your force abilities become overly expensive and you waste almost all your force on some minor healing - and I think that's what happened to poor Anni (not necessarily healing, but light-side power-ups rather than dark side ones...). 2. Later he had opportunity to properly train in the use of dark-side powers (under palps), so he properly would have gained a lot of dueling potential, if it wasn't canon that he was barely able to move in his armor. The only reason why Luke doesn't just walk over him from the get-go is the huge difference in experience. I don't think that any other Star Wars character was as powergamed as the KotOR (1+2) protagonists. Darth Vader had one Mandalorian Crush Gaunt, nothing more (except maybe implants). Only the game protagonists (including the Jedi Knight series) were also the only ones able to stand after a direct lightsaber hit. (and let's not forget all the energy shields from KotOR 1 + 2, allowing you to completely ignore incoming hits) In that light I do believe that anyone claiming they could put down Vader, Luke, Palps, Dooku, Obi Wan or whomever if only they were included in their favourite game, is speaking the truth. The strongest characters are the game ones, and canon should have a hard time proving this wrong.
  4. Thinking about which is better (more hits for less damage or less hits for more damage) I got to the point of shields. How many enemies use them (or Energy Resistance or stuff like that) in KotOR 2? I can't seem to remember any.
  5. Of course, considering you actually have 4 attacks if you're playing for damage (2 swords, Master Speed), and only one would be with Critical Strike, Critical Strike itself would still only be roughly as useful as Flurry (2 attacks for 4 times damage and 4 attacks are about the same). When you calculate what you lost in terms of damage by choosing keen upgrades vs what you win with the 20% probability of 3fold criticals on the other 3 attacks, I guess the styles are about even?
  6. I have recently tried combining a one-handed light saber (critical range 19-20) with a keen effect (doubling the critical range to 17-20) and the Critical Strike series, which at level 3 is supposed to quadruple your crit-range. The idea was that 4 x 4 = 16 = 80% probability of criticals, which would nearly double my damage output (as opposed to the +20% from the Flurry series or the even smaller advantage from the power attack). Unfortunately I didn't get half as many criticals as I hoped for. Is the ability broken or does it simply not work with weapons that already have their critical range improved?
  7. When do you use that command? I've tried it before the second encounter starts, after it starts and on the empty ship. Nothing happens. Blast. This is the second time I make a post only to find the solution immediately afterwards. My mistake was using caps, as the quotation indicated.
  8. The file you are looking for is here. It wasn't difficult to find either. Just download the SWKotOR2 Vista Fix Patch, which is a zip containing the dll.
  9. I have the same problem (running Vista(32) ) and I found that the game starts up if I deactivate sound. Since I don't want to play without sound though, I'm not playing. Any help available? Edit: Now I feel stupid for registrating and posting before doing a quick read. Will follow instructions. For OP: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=50140
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