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  1. I posted earlier saying that I wanted to see something in the vein of Fallout (turn-based combat, classless SPECIAL-like char system, open-ended, choice packed) but in a modern setting of your own creation. But seeing as there are a lot of people who want a fantasy-based game, I figure there might be some nice ideas in there as well. Specially if you do something like the old Infinity Engine games (which people here obviously really want). But you could pair them with some of the awesome ideas you've implemented in Storm of Zehir. Mainly: full party creation (+ NPCs along the way) skill-
  2. I would love to play something similar to the original Fallout. It doesn't have to be in a post-apoc setting, just not medieval or high fantasy ****. Cyberpunk maybe? It just needs to have that same open-endedness, that same plethora of choices, and somewhat similar game mechanics (as in turn-based combat first and foremost). You know, the classic stuff. Peace!
  3. Been following this on the IronTower forums. They usually post design updates every now and then, definitely worth reading. And obviously, I'm looking forward to this.
  4. Watched Crank this past Wednesday. What a piece of tripe. I actually think my IQ went down a few points after watching it. Luckily, I have two movies in my backlog that look genuinely interesting, and I'm going to watch them these following days. - City Island (comedy, with Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1174730/ - State of Play (thriller, with Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, and Rachel McAdams) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0473705/ Hope they're good!
  5. ... to get me in the mood for my next Alpha Protocol playthrough.
  6. That's quite possible, my PC is getting kind of old. I can't run new stuff without compromising on visual quality.
  7. @WorstUsernameEver: 1280 x 800 screen resolution with medium settings (sliders are all set at either detail levels 2/4, or 3/4). No Anti-Aliasing though, the game would just turn unplayable. @virumor: There's actually a mission in Venice when you get to use DaVinci's flying machine in order to get into the Palazzo Ducale. It's one of the best assassinations.
  8. Been playing more Assassin's Creed 2. I just assassinated Marco Barbarigo (brilliant quest btw) and went back to some of the other settlements for a few side missions Here are some pics: A view of Montereggioni. Watching the fight from the best seat in the house. Viewing some trophies in the Villa Auditore. This is Forli. Yes ma'am! Found the husband... A typical Forli backstreet, medieval grittiness included. AC2 skyboxes are pretty. That's about everything.
  9. I tried ImgBurn, it's pretty much what I needed. Thanks Gorgon.
  10. "More like Obsidian's previous games or more like Diablo ?" Hopefully, something that stands out from the hoard of Diablo clones out there. It seems to have the visual sparkle, but does the gameplay stand out? We'll find out as soon as Square / Obsidian release some gameplay footage.
  11. I'm listening to the Garden State soundtrack. Yeah, I'm a bit melancholic right now. Current track: Bonnie Sommerville - Winding Road.
  12. I'm backing up some of my more important files and I need a good disc burning software for the job. I'd like some recommendations, but something that's not bloated with a lot of useless features (like the Nero burning suite). Just a basic disc burner that knows how to burn a data disc without errors and such... and maybe an audio cd for the car every once in a while.
  13. Mudcrabs! "Disgusting creatures, I avoid them whenever I can."
  14. FWA is a showroom. Look at the websites showcased there, not at FWA itself.
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