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Games You Own But Haven't Beat Yet


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Make this list and you'll realize that you probably shouldn't even be buying new games right now, which will save you money




Command and Conquer 3

Company of Heroes

Supreme Commander

World in Conflict

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2

Alone in the Dark 5

Star Wars Republic Commando

Star Wars Empire at War

Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter

Tomb Raider Anniversary

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We should still be buying new games since these games that we will list are listed for a reason i.e. they are less than stellar products.


Tiberian sun


Command and Conquer 3

Unreal Tournament 3 (Haven't pulled my stuff together and missing the last mission in the campaing)

Gothic 2

Gothic 3


Those are the ones that I want to finish but haven't yet for various reasons.

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Baldurs Gate 1 - played BG2 first and just couldn't really get all that into this one

Icewind Dale 2 - placed IWD1 first and found it kinda meh

Temple of Elemental Evil - installed, briefly played the tutorial, and never touched again

Arcanum - didn't come with a manual or anything, and trying to figure out basic stuff like the map and everything was just a pain in the butt

Conflict: Desert Storm - played it co-op on xbox and it was fun, but i couldn't change the controls on pc to what i like, so it was always really awkward to try and play

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer - first few pod races were ridiculously easy, then the difficulty level spiked insanely

Sacred - got bored of neverending FedEx quests and the lack of consequences for dying

Restricted Area - sounded like Fallout from the description i read, but turned out to be a Diablo clone

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Fallout 1 - I'm waiting to play it just before Fallout 3 comes out.

Fallout 2 - I'm waiting until I've played Fallout 1 before I play it.

Rome: Total War - I'm working on that now. :thumbsup:

X2 - just too complicated, and the main storyline didn't grab my attention.

Gothic 3 - Still waiting for that megapatch.

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In over 25 years of gaming, Star Control 3 is the only game that I've bought but not played thru. And I'm not going to do it as it's pure garbage. Technically sandbox games like Sim 2 or MMOGs can't be really beaten but I guess max level or max (something) is certain type of archivement.


X-com - Terror from the Deep was also close one as those crabmen started to invade my bases just about each round. In the end, I probably spent more time killing those mobs then anthing else in the game. Let's see... Both Jagged Alliance 2 and Commandos 2 crashed to desktop before I could reach the end. But I always tried 'em again after I bought new computer and finally after several years I managed to get to end.

Let's play Alpha Protocol

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Star Wars Empire at War - Not into this type of game.

Fallout 2 - Can't seem to get into it like I did Fallout

Dungeon Siege :lol:

Thief: Deadly Shadows - Once I started to fight Zombies. I lost interest.

KotoR 2 - Waiting for TSL Restoration Project

Morrowind -_-

NWN 1 - Playing through it as I type this in chapter two

NWN Hordes of the Underdark :x

Demon Stone :biggrin:

Champions of Norrath -_-

Diablo - Stuck on level 13 can't get past the first battle :thumbsup:

Diablo 2 - Waiting to finish the original.

Alice - Like it, just have not got around to finishing it.

Pharaoh - Not into this type of game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Great game, but I lose interest after a while.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Great game, but I lose interest after a while.

Call of Duty: United Offensive - Loved the original, the expansion is good, but.....

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

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In reverse chronological order...


Trackmania - Only got it recently. Still plenty of tracks to go around


Tombraider: Anniversary - Made it to Atlantis then got overwhelmed by boredom (reinstalled the original and completed afterwards instead)


Victoria, an Empire under the Sun - Just takes an awful long time to complete...


Neverwinter Nights 1 - Made it to somewhere mid chapter 4 then got overwhelmed by boredom (never tried SoU which was also in the box)


Trespasser - It didn't like my hardware back then, maybe I should pick it up again


Deathtrap Dungeon - Made some progress then got overwhelmed by boredom


(insert list of 16 and 8 bit games here)

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I don't subscribe to the notion that a game needs to be beaten in order to be a worthwhile investment. I play games until they no longer feel fun. If I get 20 hours or so I feel pretty good about it. So it would be alot easier to list my completed games than my incomplete ones.

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That I own?


Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn - Played and beat the rest of the series but never beat the original.

Command and Conquer: Renegade - I almost made it through this one. Made it to the last level before I got sidetracked.

Silent Storm - Interest comes and goes in this one. I play a few missions at a time, then lose interest for a few months.

Thief 1, 2 & 3 - In 1 I made it to Return to the Haunted Cathedral before stopping because it scared the crap outta me. I was killed by the doors! In 2, I quit after the robots showed up. I wasn't fond of the robots, but I really should try it again. In 3 I had it on release when it was full of bugs. I repeatedly played the first level for several weeks until I could 100% ghost the level with the enemies sight and sound 3x normal sensitivity.

Starscape - I made it to Zone 5, but my ship was pretty crappy and couldn't handle the enemies there. I got bored of mining for more minerals, so I quit.

Homeworld - Made it to the mission with the hyperspace interdictor thing that was in the middle of the huge sphere of ion cannon ships. Got bored and quit.

Baldur's Gate 1 - I've never gotten past chapter six. I kept hitting some major bug that prevented me from going any farther. Need to try this one again.

Myst (Entire Series) - Own, but haven't played 1, 3, 4 and 5. Got the the very end of Riven, but couldn't figure out the stupid sound code to unlock the prison.

Vampire:TM:B - Got past the first hub, but then lost interest in the game.

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Made it to the last campaign. Took me forever. Then someone deleted the game... *glares at little brother*

Commander Keen Episode One and Four - I played these when I was six. Managed to beat about half of the levels in each episode, but that was it. The others required jumps and timing that I just couldn't pull off at the time.

Contra 4 - I did manage to beat it on easy before the game called me a baby and to try again on a real difficulty level if I wanted to beat the whole game instead of just the first six levels.


That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm not counting games that I'm still on my first playthrough of (NOLF2, Etrian Odyssey II, a couple others), but I'm pretty sure that there is probably another game or two I'm missing...

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lol this is totally my topic


Let's see...











Deus Ex*



(*haven't even been installed)






And that's only the rpg's. And only for pc. I have about 15 ps2 games I haven't even opened yet. On my defense, I bought all those at once second handed.

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Red Alert

CnC 2: Tiberian Sun

Warcraft 3 (without cheating)

Sonic the Hedgehog (I will NEVER finish this game)

Zero-G Fighters (Boooooring)

Sonic Heroes (Not exactly mine though. My brother's)

Empire Earth 2 (campaign)

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I've moved around a bit in the last 5 years, so I've jettisoned a lot of my older games. So here's the list of the PC games I've got with me that I haven't beaten.


Bioshock (Got sick of the gameplay after 3 hours)

Oblivion (Played until it wasn't fun anymore)

Morrowind (see Oblivion)

Arcanum (Plot was uninteresting, gameplay was awful)

IWD expansion (Scouted a few areas, saw the grind-tasticness, shelved it)

Dark Messiah of M&M (Came with my video card, never installed)


Also, I've only beaten short campaigns in Medieval II Total War

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GTA 4 - I somehow just stopped playing right at the end and I havent picked it up since

Assassins Creed - It was too boring and repetative

Psychonauts - The art direction was sweet but the game was complete bollocks. Tim Schaffer must have left his brain at his office when he quit Lucasarts.

Every total war game - When you've made it over the difficult first half of a campaign, its just too easy. Theres no point in continuing because you cant be beaten

Oblivion - Who has the friggin' energy to finish that game? I mean really, I havent heard of ANYONE finishing it.

Gothic2 - mkreku claimed it was so amazing that I played it all the way to the island of the big evil boss, hoping that it would become good, but it never did so i stopped

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Not including games I recently bought and thus haven't had time to complete yet, or unfinished games I sold, gave away or threw away:


Eternal Darkness: I couldn't beat a particular boss, but I'll finish it one day. One day...


Gothic 3: I didn't complete the main storyline, but I did put many hours into the game so it was worth it.

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Mass Effect I could beat this one anytime, i just dont want to play games right now. I'm so close to beating it i can taste it.

System Shock 2 Ehh maybe i didnt get far enough to get emersed in it yet. Ill give it another shot one fo these days.

Gothic 3 Game looked promising. Loved the graphics but the story seemed a bit hollow from the beggining and other game mechanics seemed very odd.

Theif Deadly Shoadows: I can see myself liking this game

Prey: I spent 5 bucks on this game on Steam while it was on sale. Everything solid, but it lacks that special ummph!!!

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- Jade Empire

- Siren

- Disgaea 2

- Master of Orion 3 (part of me really wants to play this all the way through just once)

- Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

- Phantom Brave

- Ogre Battle: Playstation Version (Not sure if this counts as I've played and beaten the SNES version... twice)

- Sacred+Expansion (I'm not sure why I can't get into this game)

- Temple of Elemental Evil

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For PC:

[NWN - SoU] NWN just bored me to tears. Supposedly it is good, but... I just could never get into NWN. NWN2 on the other hand I LOVE <3


For Amiga:

I still have quite a few discs of games I never did finish, due to the fact I had more of a social life then than I do now. :/


Bloodnet - I loved the concept of this game at the time. Never finished it though.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary - I am a huge Star Trek fan, but again, never finished this.

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- Temple of Elemental Evil

Forgot that one. Haven't even installed it yet. One of these days...


I forgot a number of "OEM" games that came with various cards over the years: Soldier of Fortune II, Hitman II, Die by The Sword, Big Mutha Truckers and Unreal Tournament. Not necessarily anything wrong or bad about them, I just keep forgetting that I have them (except Unreal T. which is in its nature "uncompletable") :thumbsup:

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jade empire

divine divinity

dungeon siege


warcraft 3

gothic 2


the above games were not finished 'cause 'pon reaching a certain point we realized that the only reason we were still playing is 'cause o' some fatalist notion 'bout completing what we had started, regardless o' the pain or boredom.


temple of elemental evil

mechwarrior 3


did not finish 'cause technical issues were too distracting to allow us to continue.


HA! Good Fun!

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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary - I am a huge Star Trek fan, but again, never finished this.



That's the one I finished which led me to buy Judgment Rites...which in turn I haven't finished.






-GTA: San Andreas

-GTA: 4

-X2: The Threat

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Which is the way it should be - Balors are supposed to be bad-assed mofos.


Nowadays on (yeah, I'm looking at you NwN) it's like "w00t, my uber l33t Monk 11/Fighter 12/Invisible Blade 5/Divine Champion 2 with 18 attacks via flurry-of-blows and perfect two weapon fighting w/ dual +5 kamas w/ 15d6 elemental damage can take down the Balor in 1.26 seconds...not counting bleeding damage".

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