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  1. I haven't read the thread too diligently and as such I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned. I'd be carefull with the kind of vilifying I've seen of Imams in this thread. I can only speak of what I've learned of how danish integration work but here in Denmark the Imams have been utilized to actually prevent extremism by our national security intelligence service to prevent extremist behaviour. I wouldn't ever say that Imams can't be the proverbial bad apple but the media and people with xenophobic agendas often scapegoat the Imams to a laughable degree. Do you have any sources
  2. Most of your reservations can be answered with Obsidian making a different game than the one you want. AP is actiony and as such Obsidian doesn't want you to spend time hiding bodies in toilets. Equally they don't want you to "waste" your time peddling junk. They probably didn't include morality bars because they want you to focus on your actions and their consequences, rather than trying to min/max the good/evil morality bar. I have moral reservations about killing people and yet I play games which are predominantly about killing people. Distinguishing fantasy from reality is importan
  3. Why do you people worry so much? Swine Flu is probably gonna kill less people than the annual flu season.
  4. It was certainly realistic that you would have an endless police chase because of a simple speeding crime. Here's a quote: Rock Paper Shotgun Preview:
  5. I read and liked Scorchy's LP of KOTOR II but most LPs are pretty boring. LPs are cool when they either bring something to the playthrough that you couldn't do yourself (scorchy) re play something that you wouldn't play yourself. A XCOM LP would suck as I can play that game myself, but a Wasteland LP would be cool as I'd probably never play that myself and could as such still experience it. I wouldn't listen to Jaesun since the Codex gives you cancer.
  6. 1)How does a person need police protection more than universal healthcare? State run police only helps those that couldn't afford a private service. 2)We care about the U.S. because politics are interesting and the domestic policies of countries are important for everyone. I regularly read about the domestic policies of various states through newspapers.
  7. If you see capitalism as being a binary value of some/total state-control vs. no state-control then yes the entire world is run by confused socialists. Captialism and socialism doesn't make any sense unless you see it as a ideological standpoint of for or against private enterprise and that makes the entire western world capitalist. Our system is more effecient than yours so yes it can. It is possible that you guys could make an even more effecient system by tweaking the current one or creating a new one based entirely on private ownership. I can't say since I'm haven't ever studied tha
  8. 1) Would people please stop referring to this as socialism/socialist? It is both wrong and unhelpful. America already has state funded services. 2) I support a nation having a basic universal healthcare, but has Obama (and the rest of the government) shown a level of statesmanship that can institute something like this without it being as problematic as the current system? 3) I'm pretty sure that 60% taxes are only us danes and the swedes. Possibly Belgium as well. 4) Universal healthcare haven't broken down yet but does face a sustainability problem that can make it problematic in
  9. Zeno Clash. Very decent if you can get it 50% off. Edit: And Saints Row 2, but people have already said plenty about that I think.
  10. Anyone else having naughty thoughts about Mark Morgan doing some music for this game in the same vein as the F1/2 music?
  11. I suspect that some of you guys have chronic depression. Reading this piece of news lightened up a day otherwise ruined by bad sleep for me. I hope Obsidian will do well.
  12. I never said that. The only way to make game reviews directly relevant to everyone is to make a review for every deranged person out there. You can't expect a generalized score to be relevant to you if you're an angry irate internet nerd. As such people like us will have to actually read the review and try to understand it to see if we want to buy the game.
  13. Aren't those emails send from friends by key-loggers usually very easy to spot? I wouldn't ever open a .exe file from someone that I can't sue for megabucks. It also helps not to have friends. Maximum security. I guess you can't argue against stuff like attacks through USB drives but that seems kinda like being afraid of terrorist attacks.
  14. Showstopper bugs and crashes? That's not so minor to me, but what's the review score? *snipped* It's a fun game but really now, does a game version riddled with game breaking bugs deserve a high score? I already explained how they blacklist fansites for posting unfavorable reviews. I love the reading comprehension of the modern internet dude. They even recognized that scores can't tell the whole story and told you when you definately could have serious problems on the PS3. Reviewers are such horrible people for enjoying their games. Reviewers should cater solely to angry irate
  15. Isn't the primary metod of avoiding key-loggers/trojans to not read spam mails and not visit dodgy porn sites or am I simplifying it too much?
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