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how do i beat the hand maidens?

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There is a really easy way of beating them, notice that when you step off the training

matt you lose, but if one of them "steps off" (Force push\whirlwind) they stop fighting and become neutral = you can lower their number this way and fight only one or two or push them all off the matt :D and after all that is following the "duel rules" its no cheat.

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The Push/Whirlwind trick that Hunter_of_Chaos mentioned works well if you have enough WIS/CHA to make the power 'stick', but for a melee-oriented character the most likely outcome is that none of the Handmaidens is affected and you just lose a combat round for nothing at all.


One thing that works well for melee fighters is this: when the fight starts (Handmaidens are still 'green') cast Knight Speed, then equip your best piece of armour and your best sword. Then cast Improved Force Barrier to take the sting out of the Handmaidens' attacks, and start slashing away. Use Master Flurry or whatever your best combat feat is. Watch your portrait, so that you can re-cast Improved Force Barrier if it runs out; also, if your health gets too low then you may have to cast Heal.


The Handmaidens should be one level higher than your character and they have pretty good defense, so watch your stats and the combat feedback to see whether it makes sense to dual-wield or if you are better off wielding only a single sword.


There is a workbench somewhere in the complex and a lab bench, too, so you could level up Bao-Dur and Kreia and then produce some nice items to prep the Exile for the fight. Strengthening underlays and heavy bonding plates could be useful. Also, check your sword. You have been fighting only droids, droids, and droids for quite a while, so if the sword is still configured for droid combat you may switch upgrades. For example, having an ion cell in your sword is not very useful against non-droids.


Also, you may have found a better sword in the loot than the trusty vibro from Peragus. In one game I found several Trandoshian swords, and in my current game found a Zabrak vibro in the military base. The Handmaidens are no pushovers, and so quite a number of your attacks will miss and every little bit helps. If a Handmaiden remains standing with 1 health it will still take a full combat round to take her out (unless you use a Force power with area effect, but Force Wave is not available yet).


Last but not least, watch the combat feedback. If you have decent armour with decent upgrades and items like Gamorrhean Gloves and Combat Sensors and so on then your defense may be high enough to ward off some attacks. If you see that your DEF is too low to have noticable effect, reconfigure to boost your damage output and to hell with armour. In this case you'll probably have to cast Heal several times during combat (Improved Heal makes quite a difference) but at least you can use your full arsenal of buffs, especially Knight Speed and Battle Meditation.


If all that doesn't help you can fight dirty. Use shields, stims, grenades, medpacks ... Be inventive. If you found a Thermal Shield belt (75% immunity against fire) and Insulation Gloves, put them on and then start dropping plasma grenades on the floor. It'll hurt them much more than you, and it will hurt all of them at the same time. Same principle with poison grenades (but watch the feedback - the girls may save against the poison).


P.S.: if you are going flat-out light side or dark side and you have not achieved mastery yet then you might get there with a bit of talking (if you are very close already). The Last of the Handmaidens, T3, Bao-Dur and Kreia can give you opportunities for LSP and DSP. Dunno about Atton.


P.P.S.: I just went back to a save and tested the Whirlwind thing. I equipped all WIS/CHA boosters that I had found for a total boost of +5 WIS; on top of my Guardian's 14/10 WIS/CHA and combined with Valour this gave a total WIS/CHA modifier of 6. My char is level 13, so total Force DC was 24 = 5 + 13 + 6, against the Handmaidens' Reflex save of 19. So there was a chance of knocking Handmaidens down if they rolled a 4 or less. In the first try all five girls shrugged it off, in the second try three were actually knocked down (very lucky here), one of them was knocked off the mat.

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I ran around to stand next to Kreia and Bao-Dur and two of them stepped off the mat on their own. Just random good luck I suppose. Insanity stopped 2 more while I took the third out then worked on the incapacitated two and was done. Disappointing you don't get anything for all that effort though! you'd have thought they would teach you some sort of Echani unarmed form or something for your troubles.

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I only did it once, as a dark side consular. Force ligtning did short work of them.


When I discovered that I got xp, but otherwise nothing for it, I didn't bother doing it again (trying to keep the number of xp I get in the game low) :p


There was a certain kind of satisfaction in putting them a bit down, with their self-righteous, arrogant attitude though :rolleyes:"

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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I beat her with no cloths and just my fists as a counsler.  All I did was spam master flurry.  This worked for all 3 fights for me.

Yes, but they're referring to the fights between the Exile and several handmaidens at once in the Telos hidden academy.


The best I ever did was DS and I got it down to two before my medpacs ran out.

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It's easier than you think. If you're inside their guard, they'll back up to get to their preferred range - even if it means going off the map. Throw up a push or disable power, press the ones who aren't affected, and repeat until they're all off the mat. In some ways, it's much more humiliating for them if you take them all down by the rules they set without ever laying a hand on them.

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I just ran around a bit. Somehow, just standing there in the middle and taking beating both from front and behind at once seemed like dumb thing to do. :rolleyes:"


The mat thingie isn't really as small as it seems, so you can always slip past the 'maidens, give a few hits the one that happens to be closest to you (or mess up few at once with area attack like force scream) then repeat when whole gang catches up with you ... no need to cheat and pretty good fun :)

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In addition to what Darth Frog and others have already mentioned, I also recommend starting the match by running around the threesome to one of the far corners. Most of the time this causes the 2 sisters behind you to step off the mat trying to keep up with you.


And, have you noticed how often they say "this will teach you" ? Each time you hear that, one of them has scored a critical hit, which means triple damage considering it's usually delivered out of a Master Power Strike. So you might also try equipping a Retinal Combat Implant or similar anti-CritHit item.



Finally, I suppose I can understand the folks who don't think this struggle is worth the XP, however I've never run out of med packs, stims or Mandalorian melee shields in this game and there are tons of other optional tasks that can also be replaced by grinding H'ssiss on Korriban if you really want to take that approach. Whippin' the snot out of the Echani cheerleader squad was simply not to be missed. :D



"If you seek to raise anger in me, you will fail, exile. I tolerate your presence

only upon orders of the mistress - she did not order me to endure your questions.

One cannot take back an action, and often apologizing for it only compounds the

insult. Simply drop the matter and be silent." :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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That's less than you get for killing two Hssiss


Just remember that the unlimited Hssiss thing is a bug, so the intention was that this was a good optional fight to get some XP. As it is though, Hssiss is probably a more 'efficient' (time/reward) way to get XP, although I don't see why you wouldn't do the Handmaiden fights for fun :thumbsup: .


I found thet final gang-up hard so I had to use the Force Whirlwind off-the-mat tactic, and reinforced myself with a Melee shield (along with Valor and Speed).


I suppose I was kinda disappointed when I didn't get anything like a Unarmed-type item of special skill like you "learn" Echani Strike.


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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  • 15 years later...

Guide on how to beat the 5 Handmaidens (Whatever your build).

Hoy folks, listen up, and follow my steps:

1. Talk to one of them, and start the fight
2. Instant pause
3. Gear up, and buff up using the adrenals under the useable tab
4. Unpause and use your melee shield
5. Run between your companions (1 or more will run out)
6. Spam best dmg ability and use Medpacks (Using the pause menu) in between your attacks to regen
7. Profit

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