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  1. I'm sort of in the same predicament. I (foolishly) did Ice Palace before going to Byzantium and now all the guards want me dead (I'm on Shoot on Sight with the Board). The problem is; I can't do other quests like Parvati's personal one because the guard in the shop will aggro me; and that aggro's the shopkeeper too.
  2. I can confirm that this is how it gets to this state, as I did that mission shortly before going to byzantium. Making an enemy of the Board is one thing; but it makes it impossible to complete quests. An example is Parvati's personal one. The guard in the shop will aggro on sight of you and so will the shop keeper.
  3. I thought it was a method in which Mina was reporting on Mike's progress?
  4. You know, I just wished the shooting mechanic felt like I was shooting and not dice rolling. It's the only real beef I have with the game and obviously it's the most visible. I also wish there were more mission setups for stealth, the one stealth mission that I really enjoyed was the CIA listening post. Presumably the NSA would be similiar if you somehow don't bluff your way with the slightly unhinged store clerk. One other issue: Make it possible to switch targets... Like, do I want to stab that Russian Mafia or do I want to cheese and auto-hack his computer while under cover of Stealth Operative?
  5. You know, originally I didn't like the minigames either, but then I found them actually somewhat challenging and thus rather fun, unlike the whole hacking 'game play' of Mass Effect 2. I found hacking to be the least enjoyable (in the sense that it took the longest for me), yet I found the bypass and lockpicking quite awesome. If you don't like the minigames though; spend those 3 points and get a point into Sabotage, then carry around some emp grenades.
  6. The game is full of snide yet awesomely hilarious quotes. Example: During the fight with Brayko, if you have Shadow Operative and can hide he will (rarely in my experience) yell out: "Ole, ole, oxi - whatever the **** that means!" (The ole ole, oxi- thing is a phonetic pronunciation). I found it funny because of the way Brayko says it, which sounds exactly like the Russian Mafia bad guys from the original Splinter Cell (specifically the level where you go to the Abattoir).
  7. I think she has to be at least at Trust level. I was also honest with her when she asked me who I was (I.e., not flippant or aggressive - funny since she isn't honest with me at all until down to the wire, but I figured I needed ally's) before I allowed myself to be captured by Alpha Protocol. Her interrogation cell I think is on the pathway towards the big 'choice' between killing Leland or saving Mina, but she's off to the right behind a door that needs to be hacked (she's in the interrogation cell where you are during your briefings with leland throughout the game, and where Yancy talks to you at the start). As for options, I generally just played it either suave, or if you know she's the shooter you can use the Taipei special action. After that she just 'becomes' your handler providing she agrees.
  8. I liked the old pornstar; Madison St. James the most (simply because she's normal! - and apparently hot) and I also like Scarlet a lot too.
  9. To get to ride off with Scarlet into the sunset as far as I can figure you only need this:
  10. I have managed to take Brayko out as full martial artist (albeit on normal difficulty) after doing Moscow 3rd (Taipei, Rome, Moscow). It required a lot of patience and running around though, basically I relied on Master Fury like a crutch, although I would of thought I would easily be able to smack him (a trained martial artist should at least be able to disarm a crazy cocaine addled disco freak)
  11. As an actual Australian person (Wow, I feel like a breed going extinct with that comment), I must once again apologise to the world in regards to Steve Irwin (and a lesser extent Heath Ledger - although he is somewhat talented). Kurt Russell isn't Australian... is he? No, I'm positive he isn't! Incidentally, Kurty went for the role of Han Solo. So there's some useless trivia.
  12. Somehow I think LSM Revan was doing the nasty with a LS Bastilla (I'd definitely hope so, how can Revan not?)
  13. For the record, I would like to say that I'm australian. But I've never heard of the 'soup' aussie sterotype. Man I hate sterotypes. To all the american's, I'd like to apologise for Steve Irwin.
  14. I think she says that she thinks her mom died in the final battle at malachor v. But if she did turn to the darkside, it would make sense if Yusanis came back broken etc, etc (of course, if she died, then it would also make back). Personally, I think Kreia does equal Kae. I think some people managed to pull up hiding dialog from the .tlk file, so I think that counts as 'definitive' proof.
  15. But Bastila isn't a jedi anymore - I always assumed that she left the order after the events of the first KoTOR because she really loved Revan (if of course Revan was a guy - and I didn't particularly cared what she did if Revan was a hot chick). Perhaps she planned on having children with him... which isn't really Jedi like at all.
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