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  1. Anyone who has a hostile board reputation as they get to the main story quest on Byzantium is hitting this. You can't currently play the game if you're against the board. Does anyone know if customer support actually monitor these boards? This might be ticket with the dev territory, I don't think other players can help us with this.
  2. I've just arrived in Byzantium naturally by going through the story - The city and the stars quest. But everyone is hostile, there's no way to get into the city to do any of the quests in my log (they're all I have in there now, all other side quests outside of Byzantium are complete) but I just can't get in. Fighting your way through just isn't an option as the moment you kill any of the guards everyone starts attacking you. Seems to be I'm stuck now. - I haven't shot or killed anyone on arrival, the NPCs were hostile from landing. The only thing I've done since landing is talk to the informant. Edit: So my reputation with the board is at angry - shoot on sight. But how do I keep going with the game? Even killing everyone in Byzantium doesn't let you continue the quests.
  3. I honeslty can't remember. I do remember heading up after the scene and fight with him and had the finishing talk with the throne lady where she told me to build the eastern barbican. There was just never a quest for it.
  4. I have exactly the same problem. Started searching around after about 20 hours of play time to see where the main quest was and I realised I was suppose to get this. Nothing in my Journal though Does anyone know why it happens? Is it a bug or did I miss something when killing Maerwald? I've been back to chamber and talked to the Stewart, but nothing seems to get the quest going. If I just keep doing the quest objectives without actually having the quest, does anyone know if you can get to the next part of the main quest instead?
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