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  1. If there was also a kitten in that picture, the thread, forum and rest of universe would be in severe danger of implosion from cuteness overload
  2. Denial. Then misplaced anger to avoid shame. Then finally, acceptance and regret "
  3. If you tried to pass the top picture as game screenshot, the first comment you're going to hear is "omg how could they use such hideously low res textures for the background" ... because that's what the focus boils down to, blurry mess Furthermore, games tend to simulate human vision which handles keeping things in focus much better than camera. What you see in reality is actually closer to the bottom picture than to the one on top...
  4. *saves the latest pictures from the thread on the desktop, so they can be safely drooled upon without staining the originals* " :"> (this thread is like box of chocolates, you never know what exactly you'll get but its' always good
  5. So, am supposed to spend $300+ on a 'new generation' console, or at least as much on pieces for a computer ... just so i can play a game which is basically old KotOR with cranked up visuals? no, thank you. if i ever get deranged to the point i'd seriously consider this kind of expense for such trivial gain, feel free to shoot me.
  6. Seriously depends on what kind of hardware would be needed to run this kind of graphics at acceptable framerate
  7. That's a silly thing to say. First off, how on earth do you know there's no one who's using Q3 engine for their game right now? I seriously doubt all developers have sent you personal emails stating what engine they use for their current project. As for older engines not being able to handle "cool" stuff... check out http://www.thewitcher.com/witcher.asp -- this is being done with Bioware's Aurora engine as the base but i seriously doubt anyone would be able to tell that on their own from the visuals alone. Aurora engine was on this very forum deemed "useless" by some people who were waili
  8. There is no need to change the game engine if complaint is about re-using old *content* ... it just means the *artists* need to create new and different combinations of polygons and pixels for the engine to push around
  9. It's all in the shape; you can draw the eye just like you'd draw the "normal" manga style, but keep it 'narrow' to the point where width becomes noticeably greater than 'height' of the eye. This is common trick to imply the character is an adult, which in turn conveys more 'serious' theme... check gallery for something like Cowboy Bebop, and take note of eye shape they use... or heck, even Aimo's drawings for that matter ^^;;
  10. At first glance i thought Atton is giving a big 'thumb up' sign to the audience, no doubt because of where his other hand seem to be located "
  11. Well, that's what he pretty much still *is* and he did just get nearly all appendages chopped off... what exactly should he say instead in situation like that, that you'd find not cheesy?
  12. It didn't look like "baiting the ego" to me... on the contrary, Obi Wan was trying to stop Anakin from fighting further because he got in position where he'd get a free swing at the opponent, no matter of approach... pretty much the 'i win' button.
  13. Ahh, sorry about it then ^_^ i usually read the rolleyes icon as if someone is saying the person they're replying to said something silly ^^;
  14. Sadly it's not far from the truth " (Palpatine did play them for fools for years...)
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