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  1. Not Far Enough <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Errr.... Whoa?! i think i have just been laughing at that fot half an hour now... imagine dogs in mating season in those coustumes :ph34r: noooooooo the horror must... restrain... my sick imagination.
  2. *Yoda in a moment of less self control while on the high council * <_< Yoda: Yub yub No I dont think thats possible ,Yoda cant be an ewok
  3. You sir, are truly corrupted by the dark side
  4. Huh? I find her to look nothing like Bastila.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed
  5. OMG its a conspiracy, the trekkies are infiltrating the SW fans under cover. constructing their plots and intrigues in secret like Palpatine. There thining our ranks from the inside, and we dont even know about it. :ph34r: its a secret war...a war of conversion :ph34r: and before we know it SW fans all around the globe will start disappearing or converting, and the trekkie empire will be born.... :ph34r:
  6. Heh we dont mean The Handmaiden we mean the 5 handmaidens when dueling with them on Telos.
  7. Well for a consular pushing them off the mat is kinda... sorta... one of the few ways he can defeat all 5 of them in that final battle hehe without cheating or using "unclean" methods like shields or grenades.
  8. There is a really easy way of beating them, notice that when you step off the training matt you lose, but if one of them "steps off" (Force push\whirlwind) they stop fighting and become neutral = you can lower their number this way and fight only one or two or push them all off the matt :D and after all that is following the "duel rules" its no cheat.
  9. I dont like to pass judgement on the behaviour of other people. I find that studying my own behaviour and trying to root out my own flaws is much more constructive. Still...to put it in Master Yodas words... "Much arrogance i sence in you" And thats what I think about you right now... sorry. Still its only my opinion and maybe im wrong.
  10. Happened to me too ,probably because i didnt go straight forward after the fight , instead i decided to collect the loot first , and he was hitting at that guard for the whole time and through the whole next scene it was kind of annoying
  11. Yeah he does , i seel sorry for Dooku to be honest
  12. It happened to me too ,right after that scene where T3 shocks H4 after he discoveres the navicomputer is locked but when you try to talk to him he gets up
  13. Deep. We see an example of such in Kotor I, with the Great Hunt-ers. That one lady wants vengeance for her dead lover, and ignores an extra set of tracks. As she goes up against them, all she sees is Darkness. A little off topic, but I think that Revan's and Bastila's love should be, or have been, approved. It saved both of them (assuming Revan was an LS male). Jolee says something about this, and says that Love can save people as often as Destroy them. It's the manipulative ones that twist Love into something Dark. The 'pure love' (like the one shared by Revan and Bastila ) can only help. Look at Bastila. All she wishes for is understanding. Revan managed to leave her, after all. She has not yet felt rage or loss. She knows that Revan had intent, etc... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh yeah, I agree BTW Kunai_W_O_Chain I enjoy reading your posts ill try to take part in the discussion when i can
  14. Hmm... The Jedi never say "Love is wrong". Strong negative emotions can be the result of love and thats what the Jedi warn their students\padawans about. The Jedi percieve love as a risk, it can lead to positive things like forgiveness,compassion,and to negative such as anger, lust for revenge, depression.They believe it is better to completely avoid that risk rather than taking it, still the jedi Council can give the "OK" to such a thing if they are sure that the individual would be able to resist the possible negative effects of love. Lastly the duties of a Jedi are difficult ,a jedi commits his whole life to serving others, there is little time in between his duties he would have for his family. So it is practicall. example: youre loved one is captured and used as bait for you. she is executed before your eyes, tell me you would not become overcome with rage and attempt to slaughter her killers. The dark side wins either way if you dont have the willpower to resist such emotions. (and few have) 1.You kill the murderers and fall to the dark side ,from the rage and despair. or 2. You are killed
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