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  1. I think you can find what you want in Japan.
  2. I agree with the Revan/Keanu face. Thats the one I always used. For exile I always use the asian Jackie Chan looking face. The rest look to me like the features are out of perportion.
  3. Vader is going to kill most of the Jedi. Obi-Wan does defeat him, but it will be through luck and using his mind. Vader is the better lightsaber fighter. Obi-Wan defeated Maul even though he wasn't as good at using a lighsaber. From what I've heard the suit only affects his force powers, but he still is very good with the lightsaber.
  4. Anakin and Vader are the same person. He is Vader before he gets the suit. I agree that after we see EP3 Vader will be the best at lightsaber use.
  5. LOTR actually didn't use much CGI. The director actually said he used as little CGI as possible. The one CGI that was great was golem and thats probably because they put tuns of effort into making him seem real. On the flip side we have George who wants to put as much CGI as possible. When I look at his CGI characters the don't move realisticly IMO. It's hard to feel any emotion when armies of robots or clones are attacking you. They aren't really evil, but just some toy armies being set up against eachother. I think thats my main problem with the PT. I'm not feeling any emotional c
  6. I agree. For one thing I could spam force heal to keep my group mates alive and never lose mana from about mid game on. I also could force push everything while my group mates walked in and finished them while they were stuned. Your charisma also adds to everyones combat modifiers so they will have a better to hit chance.
  7. Imagine seeing the star wars on the old baldur's gate 2 infinity engine. Though the graphics aren't great I think it would be so cool to have it in a over the top view looking down and controlling all your NPCs at once.
  8. They both have people that worked at interplay.
  9. I personally liked KOTOR better. You are right in that RPGs most important element is the story. KOTOR started with a great fast paced intro. It was great in that it was short and then you were thrust right into the action. I found Peragus somewhat boring at times. I especially liked all the little things like the arena and Bendak Starkiller. Character interaction in the first game was driven by what point in the game you are at. The characters will randomly talk to you about themselves. In KOTOR2 on the otherhand you can do all the talking on the ship and you have to star
  10. Yes good point. Both look quite nice hehe. It's pretty funny though because Visas wont wear the dancers outfit and it is also only for female characters so the male PC can't wear it (NOT that I'd want to), but the famle PC can. :D
  11. Lol thats probably because I dare not even dream of such a thing. My monitor is only 17" and my TV only 20". Pretty sad by today's standard, but it does the job. It's true I could mod, my xbox for betty load times, but I'm not sure I want to go there. Of course my DVD drive on my xbox has been acting somewhat erratic of late and my last xbox the DVD drive died. This new one isn't sapposed to have this problem. Maybe I just watch to many DVD movies.
  12. I like the dancer's outfit. :D She looks like a witch in that robe.
  13. There are two reasons to play it on the PC. 1. You can watch TV if you like to do that. :D 2. The load times are a lot shorter. Reasons against 1. It's easier to play the mini games on xbox 2. I've had a lot of trouble getting the game to run smoothly in certain areas on the PC. You will probably have to fool around with settings a lot to get it to work with minimal frame rate loss.
  14. So the way Obi-One used it to get by the stormtroopers was evil? It can indeed be used for good or evil.
  15. Indeed. The only way I could see it work is have it set in a future time where Jedi/Sith are abundant. To the person who said they were suprized you have to pay 10 bucks it's a MMORPG. Basically they keep patching and updating which is what you are paying for. You are also paying for the server maintenance and other expenses.
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