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Well, it looks like this is it.

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Well it looks like the time is getting near. I, Zach Morris, (and some other PC owners) am/are going to be taking a little vacation from this site. I have enjoyed spending time with you guys and chatting. I will be back after I beat it on PC. Other PC owners sound in if your taking a vacation too.

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i dont play on the PC, but im gonna be leaving all boards related to kotor2 until i beat the game....so my vacation wont be quite as long as the pc gamers, but ill still be gone...(of course most people here dont even know who i am so you all probably dont care :huh: )

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The boards wont be the same without you guys and gals (PC users & international Xboxers) who do leave. post-1819-1101621779.gif


I was going to leave but not I am kind of adicted to this forum so its doubtful that I am going anywhere, I am just going to be careful about which thread I go into from the fifth on.

"The only difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits!" - Albert Einstein.


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*Throws Roses For A Farewell. :( ...






:lol::lol: Ha, ha, (Slaps hand on table) We're not dead yet!


We're just doing a vanishing act for a while. Besides, I doubt this forum will miss the (temporary) departure of it's PC gamers (the ones that take the vacation). There's gonna be more than enough noise provided by the North American XBox users. Once they discover one or more of the plot twists, this place is going to be buzzing.


Might even be buzzing sooner than the 6th, since the hintbook will be breaking in a matter of days. :ph34r:


I'm gonna be making myself scarce before the 30th. Probably the night before.

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hey just wonderin how many of the pps hu have just declared their hibernations will end up coming back at least a month before the game is out internationally and on pc. i was tempted to post a goodbye epitaph but then realised wot a bumole i would look 4 days later when the boards got the better of me, i cant be the only one?!? :lol:

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