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  1. That was me. I didn't ask if they were making KotOR III or not (like that hasn't been asked a million times ) I asked 'if' they did make KotOR III whether Chris Avellone would finish the story-archs of Revan and the Exile and focus on the 'True Sith' and so on (like I hope) or move on to a completely new story that has nothing to do with Revan, the Exile and the 'True Sith' (which I hope not). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You actually got a response outta them I don't know how you did it but yeah I guess that gives us the answer for now any way. Still in linbo for a whil.e
  2. Someone e-mailed Obsidian about KotOR III, but the decision looks like its in limbo, here is what Feargus Urquhart had to say: Clickie yeah
  3. I would like to see the two KotOR crews join forces together and become a team. Large unexplored worlds would be a must! and how about exploring the unknown regions? I mean since theses unknown region have a big impact on KotOR 3, the unknown regions of space where Revan and the supposed Exile disappeared will most defiantly need to be introduced! does anyone agree? For example, say some of the original crew members are missing in KotOR 3, it would possibily be some of the KotOR 2's crews responsibility to track down the orginal crew of the EH, this of course could be one of the critical side quests before you are assigned by Admiral Onasi (From LSM Revan and LSF Female story line canon) any way the threat can be felt by the two crews of the EH, and some of the member decide to join forces, but some are still are uncounted for, so some of the crew who are apparently all Jedi search for the others and after the mission is complete the enemy approaches the Republic, then the two crews of EH make a Journey to the outer rim to search for two lost Jedi; of course you know who they are. Things get worse for the Republic and the two crews join forces but the galaxy is engulfed into darkness by the True Sith and this wear KotOR 3 begins....
  4. Does anyone think Kreia might be responsible for Revans disappearance? any ideas, does anyone know where he/she might of have disappeared too? its certinaly strange how someone has gone for so long, I mean if revan returns he/she is going to have a pretty good explantion to why he/she has disappeared for so long.
  5. I can just imagine all the orginal crew on citadel station all lined up and they stand a few metres from a door where they see a cloaked hooded figure standing in the door way, they all watch for a minute or two before the figure moves and stands in front of them before the unknown person pulls back his hood to reveal ; Revan.
  6. Still waiting for KotOR 3. If Bioware wanted to continue it, it probably would've been made by now.
  7. Did anyone know Revan will be responsible for the "1 Master and 1 Apprentice" law for the Sith leading up to Darth Bane?
  8. quote=Dead Skin Mask,Sep 3 2006, 05:18 PM] Behold! Cheers! " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ROFL now that rulz! Obsidian do you hear us?!!! make KotOR 3!
  9. theres a nice article on the true sith on winkipedia.
  10. unfortunately KotOR 2 is known for....imperfection.
  11. they may have things in common maybe. except one is a killer droid and the other is a good one.
  12. T3 all the way. Go-to belongs in the junk heap.
  13. Hi! If you love KotOR please join my new KotOR forum here: http://kotoruniverse.proboards100.com/index.cgi Thankies
  14. how did you know my other name? and by the way. You're welcome.
  15. Ladies and Gents :D Good news! I have a more detailed article I found on IGN about the video that was just leaked onto the internet, it also includes a very detailed interview. click here to read three glorious pages. Enjoy
  16. I have found a link to a star wars game in development. It shows exciting footage of Jedi using cool force powers on storm troopers. But any way I heard that this exciting trailer can eventually lead to a hopeful Kotor 3. look below: http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/11412/Star-W...ech-Demo-Movie/
  17. I think GO-TO is a piece of Junk. He was not a good character at all and he was only good for the junk heap. I loathed the character and I was glad HK destroyed him.
  18. Decent Jedi and Sith robes would be nice. Travelling across planets with a hood on your head as a Jedi or Sith would be awesome.
  19. Because of canon, poor Brianna will be scrubbing the floors for the next 50 years since she didn't go with the exile. O.o
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