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  1. Hello I was just wondering how do you get too the higher classes as a Jedi Master, Sith Meraider, etc. I have done it before but have forgotten how too do it. would anyone care to enlighten me on how to do it?
  2. Thankyou for your encourgment Brian, for that I will do some more art for you. You are a darling Dev. :D You will have a nice surprise waiting for you Brian, from me, Bas Skywalker. :cool:
  3. Hello I was wondering how much do you think it would've costed for the company to create Kotor II, money wise? any suggestions? It would be interesting to see how much finance went into making Kotor II. P.S- doesn't have to be real stuff top secertive stuff. Can just be speculation.
  4. Its okay Brian, everyone makes mistakes. Perhaps if you get to work on Kotor III you will do good, or better.
  5. And they probably got bills, mother-in-laws and medical bills to worry about too. :D
  6. Heya Nikko :D its fun solving a murder mystery with ya :D
  7. of course the Devs have a real life and family to take care of etc wives, daughters, sons, new born babies.
  8. I say GO-TO because he is the most boring character out of the while kotor series. I never have any thing to do with him in Kotor II, I despise him and I never have him in my party because he is a usless piece of garbage that wants to be part of history by been in my crew. but if I had a choice of throwing him off my ship I would've been very happy to.
  9. I wouldn't advise throwing the old Xbox away because it's still perfectly good to play the old games on your old console incase your new 360 botches up.
  10. 1.Super Empire Strikes Back 2.Super Return Of The Jedi 3.Flash Back
  11. What Games Do you Want To See For Xbox360? can be anounced or un-anounced.
  12. I hope Obsidian does a good Job on Kotor III if it's made.
  13. heres a free 2006 calender made by me, hope you like it.
  14. Thats okay, Mr Hades. No harm done, I forgive you, heaps. You're a pretty cool Guy.
  15. Make the next Kotor better then Kotor II and I think I can strike a deal with you with great opinions.
  16. As I said it wasn't directly at you, but to everyone on the board. I was just adding in Republic Commando as an example of a game that is non Jedi.
  17. No it wasn't directly at you, Mr Hades. but I was just saying that Republic Commando was a non-Jedi game, and since you said you liked played non-Jedi games? (If I am wrong please re-correct me) I thought you might of liked Republic commando.
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