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  1. yeah, no new news here. Move along folks.
  2. - ive spawned a silver crystal there once or twice as well, took me about 30 reloads to do it but its possible. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You have way more patience that I do. I usually just roll with whatever I am given, even if I am not happy with it. Like the Violet Double Bladed Sabers I always get
  3. Spartans. Mandalorians have a society based on the military and the whole "Come home victorious or don't come home at all" philosophy just like the Spartans.
  4. I have yet to find a cyan crystal. And I rarely find the bronze and silver ones. I sure do get a lot of yellow and violet though.
  5. We also can't make exact copies of homes and furniture and then return them after we have tested them out or looked them over. As far as the game and the posted article goes, I am tired of reading the same old reasons for why people don't like the game. Most of this comes from over analyzing. If you really thought about what happened in the game you would see that yes it seemed unfinished, but the story had the strength to make The Sith Lords a good game and well worth my 50 bucks. I really don't know what everyone was expecting.
  6. Same thing here. I only have minor problems with the game. Nothing too bad that prevents me from playing.
  7. I have the abundance of double bladed sabers too. And I usually give my non soldier, non guardian party members dualing feats, so they are at a disadvantage. I don't really have a set color list, but this is what I have right now. Exile: Silver, double Mira: Green Atton: Yellow Visas: Violet Everyone else is lame or not a Jedi.
  8. Yeah, I sat through the last part of the OC just so I could watch it. I think this movie will be more than amazing.
  9. I have only done this lightside. You need to get the shopkeeper to tell you what items he needs for his next shipment. To do this you need to agree to help with the smuggling. From there you can either tell the Lt. and he will give you the items. After you have the items, talk to the shopkeeper and you will escort him to the dock where the Lt. will meet you with some troops to make the arrest.
  10. Even if it is a crpg that doesn't force you to play a Jedi?
  11. Yeah, and imagine what the cost of something like that would be. The only reasonable way to do the CD distrobution would be to include it on a Demo Disc that comes free with a gaming magazine or something like that. Either way it would most likely cost LA way too much to be an economical solution to a customer service problem.
  12. That is really neat. Good job. I admire your talent. I couldn't draw to save my life.
  13. I thought this was funny. Of course Dantooine was the same. Just because the Academy was blown to hell, doesn't mean the planet would change much geographically.
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