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  1. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it doesn't work.
  2. Well, I needed something to do for 2 months, so i'm going all the way through the baldur's gate series. :D
  3. Actually, KOTOR worked perfectly on my PC without patches, and even the XBox version has bugs. Also, if it takes you hours to download and install a patch, you either have a very slow modem or a very slow PC.
  4. Actually, I could see sentinals being a great class for a first playthrough this time around since skills matter so much more in KOTOR 2.
  5. If that's what you consider intelligent thought, then by all means play Halo. I for one play FPS's when I want to just log on and shoot some people, for games that I have to think about I turn to RPGs. Besides Halo is pretty mediocre as far as the PC FPS market goes, the only reason it's popular is that it dominates the console FPS market which is actually on a whole has been pretty crappy. If halo had been a PC only release it wouldn't have been anywhere near as successful since it doesn't really compare to the PC FPS's. I played Halo for PC and found nothing amazing about it. Guess
  6. Yeah, it's kinda funny going through Taris as LS after already playing through at least once. I mean, i'm doing all this crap to get bounties off people, save an underground village, cure a disease, but I know as soon as I leave it's all gonna be gone.
  7. He's Brock Samson. "We're gonna have to confiscate that lightsaber, sir." "Go ahead! Take it from me!"
  8. Just ensures that the money goes to the right people...
  9. Dereth


    My favorite part was when the dude tried to do a flip, landed on his neck, and then his whole body stopped moving and he was perfectly balanced on is neck. He went on to win, of course, which made it even funnier
  10. It would certainly improve their standing with me...
  11. Actually, i'm pretty sure customizable hilts have been confirmed and are indeed in.
  12. I just wish that Lucas Arts would say something about it. Their silence is only making things worse.
  13. It's not really the fact that someone else is getting the game before us, it's just that now I'll have to avoid every gaming board on the net just to avoid all the spoilers. I hate having a game spoiled for me. Basically we have to stay off the net for two months unless we want to risk being spoiled by some xbox player... You'll probably see the PC side of this forum drop out around December simply to avoid spoilers.
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