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  1. Its between Vash and Kavar for me..... But since i didnt have the pleasure of really talkin to her I voted for Kavar. Not because i think he is the best of the council members its because the fact that he seemed to really connect with my PC.
  2. Only wish we got to know Master Vash better..... instead of walkin into the interrogation room to find her layin dead on the floor inside a cage bleeding.
  3. Master Kavar.......not only because i thought him to be the better challenger out of the Jedi Masters i picked him because he was like the only Jedi Master who actually knew u and served in war like u did. Some would probably say Vrook but he fell easier to me then Kavar did..... plus i dont like him... <_<
  4. talk of ninja gaiden will cause mods to lock this
  5. Only bosses i killed without having to reload the game was Sion and Nihilus and Traya...Stupid Greater Stormbeast hit me while i was shooting up a life support pack
  6. well playing KOTOR 1 for the first time and never playing RPGs before I didnt know what the heck i was doing...Killing the bosses on second try is quite considered no trouble
  7. None of the bosses were that difficult...Thats what both games lacked...With each of them I died once fighting...Second try i end up killing them
  8. KOTOR i would have to go with Korriban....KOTOR 2 I will go with Dantooine
  9. Darth Revan over Marka Ragnos and Exar Kun??? that is insane
  10. my first two playthroughs i got the hand me down implants... For me to be able to get all the good stuff i will have to play the game about 20 times I still never got the silver crystal for my lightsaber beat the game twice and i still dont have it
  11. seems like the majority of people dislike Hanharr....Personally I really like Hanharr.....Much better character then Zaalbar. 1. Mandalore- I gave him a double edged sword fully upgraded and no one could touch him...my walking tank 2. Visas Marr- Liked her story and her connection to Nihilis.... 3. Hanharr- Wookie Fury...blood thirsty wookie 4. dont shoot me for this one... Darth Nihilis... He would of been a much better character if he was...more involved in the story and was displaying more of his devastating power
  12. dont remember...All i do remember is that no one was able to kill me after Telos
  13. my Jedi Guardian/ Weapons Master couldnt be beat... with strength and dex hitting 35 and 33 Sion died with two Master Critical Strikes and with master speed my strength and dex was like 40 each so I blew right through Nihilis,Sion
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