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  1. I was just about to ask the same question. Sorry I can't help you.
  2. Not trying to flood the board with new topics and I Don't mean to break the "flow" of this one, but if you haven't noticed pc gamers who pre-order at gamestop.com get a free sith lords lenticular card. if thats what I think it is, I feel sorry for them.
  3. Yes who are these people? you have to stick it to the man.
  4. Hi all. I know some of you are trying to get this game early but I just called up Electronics Boutique here in FL and the convo went something like this. Clerk: Hi this is Ebgames, may I help you? Me: Yes I preordered starwars knights of the old republic 2:TSL and I was wondering if you will have a few copies on sell this afternoon. Clerk: No, we don't even have any copies in yet. Me: ????? ah when do you expect to have copies in? Clerk: The 17. what do you guys think, is he pulling this out of his rear end? Any how I intend to go down there and meet him face 2 face with Lightsaber in hand. If this is true they will feel the true power of the Darkside.
  5. *rubs eyes* oh, good morning chris. Thanks for rambling. :cool:
  6. most stores game monday, guide tusday.
  7. Yes I think someone made a note of this before, good luck getting a reply from a dev.
  8. Echani, never in a million years I would have saw that coming! I guess we have a lot of suprises in store, thanks again.
  9. Judging from their paper mario and Larry reviews 8.0 at best. obi-wan your a better man than me for posting this.
  10. IGN: 9.5 P.S Someone should make a "what will GameInformer Give Kotor 2 topic." That will be fun!
  11. I would'nt count on it, but that is a good thing.
  12. Yeah that was great and all the way you could do things like that in the first game. It sound like this game will take it to the next level, say rather forcing someone to do something, you can change the way they view something or someone. :ph34r:
  13. . I think replayability has become the new buzz word at obsidian. Very nice indeed.
  14. Oh thanks I did not know, I swear I checked a day or two ago.
  15. No one knows. I have of yet seen a retail store shipping on the 6th so lucasarts must be leaving it up in the air. Come to think of it I don't even think they started preorders on Kotor2.com, with one week or so remaining.
  16. I don't think that is a playable flashback, something fishy is going on and I'm sure I will like it.
  17. It was not lame. A review is not supose to tell you major details about the game except if you should buy it or not and in this case HELL YES.
  18. That's not it what I meant, the point was that he ran and left mission! Even if is was a doomed battle he could of stood up and been a man to protect her. He was a freaking war hero for crying out loud.
  19. I have no respect what so ever for Carth, when you go DS he runs away like the coward he is. Heck even Mission vao had more guts then that, but for you lovers more power to ya.
  20. Goodbye PC gamers, see you in feb. us xboxers will have to be on the watch for someone who will want to post the whole guide on tuesday. <_<
  21. Yeah it is, this topic should not even exist.
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