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  1. 1 Starcraft + Broodwar 2 Fallout 1&2 3 Rome: Total War 4 W3&Frozen Throne 5 Baldur's Gate 1&2 6 KOTOR 7 TSL 8 NWN with expansions and mods 9 Age of Empires 2 10 Bubble Bobble(i would be a millionare if i had not spend all those coins)
  2. Welcome. When you want to reply to someone, please make sure it is not yourself
  3. Gluupor was the low IQ Rodian who planted the fake medal in sunry's case, and every line he said started with : Gluupor bla bla bla
  4. More challenging combat. More interesting villains Closure An epic fleet fight. A reason to explain why those in kotor series will not be known after 4000 years
  5. Congrats you deserve obsidian. first game best rpg and best story for xbox
  6. That sucks, and it is no prestige classes, nor epic classes, not even multiclassing
  7. Probably one. Though i don't know for sure
  8. Well the first time you play a game, yoy lose half the fun. If they play the game twice(ls i am talking about) and still they don't like the ending then there is a problem
  9. We all pc siders do so, the point is that we won't get so. Personally i would prefer a as much as possible bug free game
  10. Yes. This way is the d20 whole system based
  11. I won't read your spoiler mustard, but from the first line i think i got some kind of idead
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