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  1. I could only find one good picture up close. I had to edit out the dialog b/c it was a spoiler. Atris and just for fun: Darkside Bao-Dur pic I just found.
  2. Nar Shaddaa If you are dark You get Mira if you are light
  3. Yea he's tall but not heavy. I havn't had him in my party yet.
  4. I have to agree. This game seems to be selling great with very little media buzz even now. If they sell a lot of this game you can bet on at least a third one. They'll keep making similar RPGs as long as they make money. I only have three important questions. 1. Which company will get the job? I hope it's either Bioware, Obsidian, or both. 2. Will they finish the trilogy, answer the questions everyone has, and end the current storyline? I hope so and after that they could start a different story. 3. Will they wait to put it on the next gen system(s) or will they rush it out for next Christmas? I would imagine Microsoft would want it as an exclusive title with Halo 2 to launch the X-Box 2.
  5. Probably something that is opened on your third play through or is locked up. I got 52 finishing it on the lightside.
  6. For those PC gamers that don't mind be spoiled here are the pics of these two characters as per RQ .... :cool: Hanharr 1 Hanharr 2 Hanharr 3 G0-T0 1 G0-T0 2 G0-T0 3 G0-T0 4
  7. The Jedi that remained with Revan were enemies of the republic, Sith, as far as the Jedi Council was concerned. According to Kreia the masters made the mistake of fearing the exile instead of learning from his/her actions.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Thats what I figured happened. Maybe they can use what they have complete for the opening level of KOTOR 3, if Obsidian does it. It would be just like the droids going to Jabba's Palace in ROTJ. This would be a great way to wrap up all the questions that K2 leaves open IMO. Just an idea though ....
  9. I got the caps from the dvd guide. I can take caps of any of the characters you want. I just had to add a little brightness and contrast to them b/c they came out pretty dark. I'll post them for you when I get home from work.
  10. So was this area cut out or is it hidden somewhere? Here is some caps I took from the dvd guide, under HK's bio. Does anyone remember seeing these areas during the game? Who sent the HKs? Sion? HK1 HK2 HK3 HK4 HK5 HK6 HK7
  11. I ordered through the mail so I guess I'm going to have to email Prima. I don't see the point of selling a $26 book and dvd and then having a secret code to see some of the info. thanks for the info though!
  12. After spending money on the enhanced dvd guide I find out that one of the sections is password protected! Does anyone know what the code is?
  13. Found this in the back of the guidebook. "Complete the game with a light side or dark side character, and on your third play throught the game, expect some extra dialog from party members. Your third character must be female for Atton to impart some witty repartee, and the handmaiden has options to say some Echani poetry qoutes."
  14. Level 27 for me. Question, how could you get much higher than 30? Unlike the first game, I didn't find a single area that had respawning enemies?
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