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  1. Why do you keep whining about the scores??? If you like the game, then scr#w the reviews... It's so frustrating when people whine about it. So it got a worse score than it deserves, that's not your problem right? you'll buy it anyway? Then what's the friggin problem!!??
  2. I really want to play the game, but i've come to terms that i won't have the game untill february. But i would still kick the LA dude's a## who came up with the "brilliant" idea that the PC version should come out later. Oh and i would soooo kick Darth Gates a## too!!!! :angry:
  3. I would dance with the joy of a thousand catholic schoolgirls... Or something similar
  4. I think they should have both versions. Because i want the game to sell, and it won't sell as good if people without a DVD can't buy it. Although i don't get it why people just don't get a DVD player. It's so cheap now!! Even DVD-burners are cheap!!
  5. Don't worry about bugs, it'll probably be like the first game. And i had no encounter with any bugs whatsoever, neither did my friends. And me wnats the game now too
  6. Azure79 I didn't read ebverything you wrote, because i was a little afraid of spoilers. But about Revan, you're entirely right!! He was military genious. He didn't need all that stuff they wrote in the chronicles. I will ignore the that part and go with the explanation of his abilities which we received in the first game.
  7. Gwaaarhghgh... <-- that was a Homer Simpson gurgle, when he thinks of donuts. I envy tou so much i want to cry. But i won't do that, i'll just whimper instead. Thanks all of you for the info. But Thastius, it would be appreiacetd if you could have a little less spoilers. You didn't have many, but there were some. Anyway thanks again
  8. Damn you!! Naw, congrats dude... if you say the game sucks, i'm taking an airplane over to strangle you
  9. Yes, that is exactly what would have happend. And someone obviously slipped that info to li'l ol' Gatesey and poof the xbox was popular and selling like hell. Didn't beat PS2 sales anyway, not by a veeeeeeeery long shot!
  10. That has to do with your PC and not the game. I never had a problem with it. And neither did anyone i know who played the game. It was really hard to believe how bug-free the game was.
  11. BWAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAA! ROTFLMAO! (w00t) Gods, I wish. :D BWAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAA! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So does this mean you're not the lead designer???
  12. That wasn't the case with the first game, after you patched it. So you're very likely to be wrong.
  13. I meant that the ones who have more posts should be able to recognise when someone they've seen posting for such a long time that he/she's joking.
  14. You'll be sure to tell us? Well, then i won't be looking at this topic anymore... :cool:
  15. Hehe, even the dev's are confused about it all :D Seriously i think (or rather hope) that the atmosphere change is just temporary and it'll be back to normal soon...
  16. I suppose I got pretty stupid there... I just thought I'd break with forum tradition and try and be helpful. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehe, sorry for my outbusrt, i just couldn't get it how so many wouldn't get it. And i didin't mean you in particaular. I just happened to qoute your reply... Don't take me too seriously, it's early here and i'm just tired Since you're new i'll welcome you to the forums: Welcome to the forums
  17. I think we'll be waiting a while, before an asnwer will come... Everybody who's got it is of playing and not nowing about the rest of the world..
  18. I know what you mean, since i live in sweden i thought that they actually did mean Gamespot. A couple of them wrote that. Thought they had stores, but they probably just misspelled.
  19. I don't mean to start an xbox vs. PC war. I'm just stating a really big possibility: The PC-version will get better reviews than the Xbox, muc better i'm sure of that. Better graphics, faster, smoother, quick loadtimes and many other stuff. So this review shouldn't come as a surprise.
  20. OMG!! How stupid can you people GET!!!! SHE*S JOKING dumba**ess!!!! I can't believe some people. I almost choked when i read this. So serious a response... She's joking! Get it!!! Have to go kill someone... And man even some "veteran's" with 300+ didn't get it... <_<
  21. It's hard to actually just pinpoint who's the most respected. All of the above are very respected, but who's the most? No way to tell.
  22. I would like you to look at your sig... and the sig of all the other pink followeres. I don't see any other person on this forum with a following like that <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, now it's starting to be freaky with the whole following...
  23. Well, the Scandinavian languages and the Dutch language are surprisingly similar. A lot of words are almost the same. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We all hail from the Germanic Tribes
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