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  1. I recall seeing another reference about Jolee somewhere. I think it was either Atris or one of the Handmaidens. They mention "Jolee's adventures in ... (some forest place, don't remember the name)" being lost unless the Jedi Histories were preserved. I liked: [Mira]"Look I'm flattered but I don't want to join your harem." [Me]"What are you talking about?" [Mira]"If I hook up with you, I'll have to slap the other girls around and show them who's in charge here." Or something like that. The exact quote is funnier, but I can't remember it offhand. [Edit: now that I think on it, I think Disciple was the one who referenced Jolee's adventures. My memory's too fogged up at the moment to sort things out. ]
  2. For me it's gotta be Darth Terraxia, one vicious chick that can tear Iron Man's head off ... whoop, sorry, wrong series again. Seriously though, I'd fill her being with the soul of Mina, from the DragonLance: War of Souls Trilogy (NOT the new series they have going now, they turned her into a skanky w**re, but that's just my opinion " ). That way we'd end up having to face off against a Dark Saint, Joan of Arc type that's got legions of fanatic followers (with me lining up to become one of them! :cool: ). And then I'd give her all the deadliness that Force could possibly endow her with, just to make things surreal in that final battle (dammit, they should make us EARN a confrontation with her!). [Edit: bolding for effect ]
  3. That one got me pretty bad when I saw it. But then, I figured Kreia was just being jealous by bringing it up. One other thing that I found funny was when Master Vrook goes on to teach you his secret technique, he prefaces by saying, "this is considered the pinacle of force abilities ... " (or something like that). I'm thinking, "You're only saying that because it's the only technique you know!"
  4. I'm still hoping to find Mission so I can train her to be a Jedi. Although, as ladymurasaki observed, there's more than a passing resemblance (attitude/personality/character-wise) between Mission and Mira. And although Carth's seemingly constant "whining" tested my nerves, I still have to admit to being proud to meet him near the end (he made Admiral, that's just too cool! ).
  5. Oh yeah! That was hilarious! That was a good moment as well. This one glitched on me, since the Bastilla hologram wouldn't go away. It got even stranger when she started attacking Visas Mar when she was attacking the Exile in the Ebon Hawk. That whole Peragus thing and the HK-50 bit was kind of funny too. Sadistic humour :D .
  6. I'd like to add to this topic the stuff that made me laugh (or at least crack a grin). Can't remember the exact quotes, but the gist of it should be clear . Conversations with Atton: Talking about Revan and he casually mentions that Revan's a she. [Me]"How long were you in that cage? Revan's a man, not a woman!" [Atton]"Really? Maybe I was just hoping Revan was a woman ..." [Real Me]<HoooKayyyy ... you just got black-listed, dude> :ph34r: He redeemed himself with the "Mr. Sleeps with Vibroblades" comment. He earned my good favour with that Echani Fighting Stance gag "Oh that. You wouldn't believe how many fights you can avoid by pretending you know that stuff." [Me]So can you teach me to shield my mind? [Atton]No, I can only teach you how to play Pazaak. [Me]Alright then, can you teach me how to play Pazaak? [Atton]Right ... <goes into indepth explanation about the benefits of focus and such to avoid Jedi Mind Reading> Mandalore: As soon as I saw Mandalore and heard his voice, I was thinking, "Dude, you don't know how lucky you are being who you are, right now. If you were any other man behind that mask, I would have shoved my 'sabers through you and then levelled the place." As Darth Nuke above, with Mandalore making his Entrance on the "Ravager". Later on in the Ravager: [Mandalorian]"Forgive me Mandalore, I have failed you." [Mandalore]"Nevermind that, just be ready to detonate the charges. And don't you dare kill yourself until I give you the order to do so!" Handmaiden: [Handmaiden]I don't trust Atton. [Me]At cards? [Atton in the background]Whaddya mean Pazaak! Again? [T3-M4 in background]Nonsensical beeping and whistling. [Handmaiden]That too! [Me]This is gonna be a real short trip ... [Visas Mar]I agree with Handmaiden ... [Handmaiden]I don't need your support. Your words only undermine my arguments. HK-47: [HK-47]If I see one more idiot attacking a Jedi with a blaster, I will kill them myself! His reaction and subsequent rant and rave on discovering there are a bunch of "cheap knockoffs" of himself running around. G0-T0: Explaining why he uses his current exterior, since his previous one couldn't inspire a satisfactory level of terror in others. [G0-T0]You have no idea how frustrating it is with the Jedi and Sith ... both of them hiding from each other ... like playing khadrez(sp?), but the pieces are invisible to the players ... it's not a fair game, not an equitable game. Mira: [Mira]For a minute I thought you and Handmaiden ... [Me]It's that kind of glow. (Bigtime ) Meeting Darth Revan: [Me]"The Great Revan. There's a lot of people who are looking for you." <YEAH DAMMIT! I'm one of them!! But hey, I'll take what I can get for now > Finding various clues and hints concerning Revan, as well as background filler on Darth Revan, finally culminating in a face-to-face meeting with Carth and Bastilla after the destruction of the Ravager. [Carth]If you find Revan, tell him that Admiral Onassi is still following his orders. Tell him I'll make the Republic strong. [Me]<Dammit, why can't I take these guys with me?!> There's A LOT more, but those are the one's I could remember from the top of my head. I have to admit, I really enjoyed KotOR2. From the general tone of this forum, it seems I'm one of the minority though. Almost feels like I was playing a totally different game from the others, or maybe it's just the reasons and the approach I had for playing it. I was tearing apart the Galaxy looking for Revan (Kreia and the Sithlords be damned!), but I never got closure on the Big Mystery of Revan. I am looking forward to finding out about him in KotOR3, or possibly KotOR2:expansion (closing eyes tightly and crossing fingers). I get the feeling that the next KotOR will more likely be an expansion pack, rather than a full blown sequel. But I also get the impression that KotOR3 will be following soon after. There are too many loose ends, actually there's only one for me, and that's finding Revan. They say the Exile went alone, but I'm desperately hoping they'll give us the opportunity in the sequel/expansion to round up the old crew (getting HK and Canderous was cool, but I want them all back, it'll be that much more sweeter when/if(?) I finally meet him with his old crew in tow. I'd like to bring along the 'new gang' as well, just to show Revan the people that made it possible to bring together the old crew. [Edit: correcting a reference to another Forum Member]
  7. Actually, that's not a bad idea, the idea of titles that is. If you're a Jedi and you've attained the rank of Jedi Knight (and later Jedi Master), you could have Jedi Knight (or Jedi Master) splashed below your name (or Jedi Initiate/Padawan otherwise). And if you're a Sith you could have Darth (such and such) under your name (with the option of inputting a Sith type name once you've achieved Sith, um... Knight(?) ... status). And for the ultimate Dark Sider, they get to be crowned "The Dark Lord of the Sith". Or that other title from some forgettable EU stuff, "Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side". (think it came from some kind of comic or somesuch, can't remember - Khadan(sp?), the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side).
  8. Hmmm, looking at the above, I have to wonder if during the development process something like this didn't happen: [Lucas Arts] We have two requirements in particular: First, the Main Character MUST start off as a Jedi." [Obsidian] "Gotcha," {whispering to each other} "can't have him ruling the show at the beginning <_< , let's start him off without a saber and Force powers." [Lucas Arts] "Second, the Main Character MUST not be an amnesiac." [Obsidian] "ummm... okay," {whispering some more} "darn, there goes that gimmick , wait, we'll just ding the guy in the head, and start him off in unfamiliar surroundings . We'll stress that he hasn't forgotten who he is, he's just not sure of how he got where he starts-that and the Player won't know who his character is." " Upon which more whispering conversations occur: [Obsidian] {someone pipes up}"I kinda like the amnesiac routine." {someone else}"Yeah, we had some fun with it in the past." {yet another}"Well, we can't give it to the Player ... {long pause} ... why don't we just give it to everyone else?" :cool: {the first dude}"Hey! (w00t) That's not a bad idea! Can't go over board with it, though. Why don't we just give it to the old crew?" {the second}"Even better! Now if the old crew comes across as flat and without personality, we can blame it on their amnesia." :ph34r: {the first}"I still think it's going a bit overboard, how about we give some of them amnesia and rough up the rest." :cool: {the other two}"Sounds good to us, let's do it." [Lucas Arts] "What are you people whispering about?" [Obsidian] {nonchalantly}"Ohh, we're just fleshing out the details." Maybe amnesia is contagious ... :ph34r:
  9. If KotOR 2 is approximately the same length as KotOR, I think I'm in for a rough couple of months . I spent more time dying in KotOR, than I did actually playing the game. I'm laying odds that I'm gonna bite the big one against Sion first, unless a party member saves my bacon .
  10. , that show back in the days, ranked right up there with the Original Transformers series (or maybe it was just that there was nothing else on at the time). Now, you couldn't strap me down to watch the Old GI Joe cartoons! (the Original Transformers is still okay ... ) [Edit: that reminds me, there were a whole load of cartoons back then, among them was the Star Wars: Droids cartoon, which I remember being notable because of a cameo appearance of Boba Fett . I haven't seen any of these new Clone Wars cartoons yet. Makes me wonder if a KotOR TV series would be in the works]
  11. Carth abandoned Mission! The knave! :angry: I'm glad I didn't try out that part, otherwise I would have been tempted to try and hunt the craven coward down.
  12. I don't think I've ever seen an alien Republic soldier. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing any alien Republic officials (really high ranking ones anyways).
  13. My only problem with Carth was he kept trying to force a point, sometimes at the most inopportune times. I'd be running along and he'd pull me up short with that dialogue screen saying "... Carth looks like he needs to say something. Maybe you should talk to him" (or something like that). That in itself wouldn't be so bad, but he kept bringing up that trust issue of his. I thought I'd settled it the first couple of times. After awhile I just ignored that pop-up dialogue, but it kept coming back! I kept thinking, "look Carth, I know you've got trust issues, but this isn't the time to go over them for the umpteenth time! You do what you feel you have to, that's all anyone here is gonna expect you to do." He certainly wasn't being stoic about it (like I'd expect any other veteran soldier to be). It got to the point where it seemed he wanted my PC to admit that he was willing to trust Carth. He gave me the impression of being overly "clingy", maybe that's why a lot of individuals are calling into question his masculinity *shrugs*. First it seems he wants to reach out by talking, and then he pulls back and mopes. I came to the conclusion (however mistaken it may have been) that he was one confused little man . Of course, when KotOR was said and done, it ended up that my PC was the one suffering from an identity crisis, and Carth was actually closer to the mark with his comments than I originally thought. :ph34r:
  14. Hey, BONUS! That means us PC and International types can hang around for another week. Hopefully without anything dire happening. Haven't bothered to check any other sites, and up until a few minutes ago, I was still under the impression that it would have released on the 30th. Still, there's that Spoiler thread going. *Shudder* I'm gonna avoid that one like the plague! :ph34r: As for delays, it seems the North American XBox version was only delayed two days (from the original expected date of Dec 4), so that's not so bad.
  15. Ha, ha, (Slaps hand on table) We're not dead yet! We're just doing a vanishing act for a while. Besides, I doubt this forum will miss the (temporary) departure of it's PC gamers (the ones that take the vacation). There's gonna be more than enough noise provided by the North American XBox users. Once they discover one or more of the plot twists, this place is going to be buzzing. Might even be buzzing sooner than the 6th, since the hintbook will be breaking in a matter of days. :ph34r: I'm gonna be making myself scarce before the 30th. Probably the night before.
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