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  1. I am pretty much a strictly impulse buyer... odd I know. But for the most part I tend to have no real idea what I want when I walk into a store, just the need to get something to kill time with. It's how I've ended up with the majority of my video games over the years, as well as the last two consoles I've bought, and my latest computer (though that was more out of frustration at my previous computer's case of randomly failing to recognize the Hard Drive).
  2. We'll see, but at the moment this 'story' sounds and smells a little like Bullsh!t if you ask me.
  3. No more light side, no more dark side, just the evil that lies in every mans (or womans as the case may be) heart. Besides while the dark side seeks to conquer all, the light side should by rights try to stay out of wars. Only the ones who tread to close to the dark side involve themselves in wars. Just look at Revan and Malak for a perfect example of that. And before someone starts crying EU said this or EU said that, I am working from limited knowledge at best. Most of which revolves around cannon (the movies) and the KOTOR games. Oh and as for Episode two and three, well you would fight to if you were being hunted and or your way of life being crushed, now wouldn't you. Meh I may be wrong but that's my two cents of the subject.
  4. when has anything being illegal ever stopped anyone for doing it?
  5. Not always, though it does seem too show up there a lot I do remember a few games I didn't see a red crystal throughout the entire game, same goes for other colours. It all comes down too the random loot system in the end.
  6. after waiting for the expected cut scene did you try leaving the area too find out if it might be triggered that way? (since it has been close too two years since I last played the game I can't really remember how the cut scene with kreia was activated. But I know it is normal for the enclave too be empty of masters.
  7. Not too mention that most of the time the game will lock up... sometimes from gaining too many levels (my game always locked up around level 52 or 53) or if you spawn too many creatures for the game too calculate the XP properly. In the end, while it allows one too gather quick levels it winds up wasting a lot of time and effort for something that isn't really needed, since you can easily beet the game by playing through normally. Though too try the exploit just because its there then yes it is a handy thing... when it works.
  8. If your having a hard time finding a certain type of crystal or item try saving a reloading before visiting a vendor or the crystal caves for the first time. The game operates on a random loot system meaning that (almost) nothing is ever in the same spot twice... on purpose anyway. Once you visit a vendor or the crystal caves for the fist time you loot there will always be set, so you must save and reload prior to talking too or visiting those places.
  9. It would seem to me that this would be the original sith race (or at the very least their decendants [sp?])and not the sadow's followers of the sith religon (i.e. sadows men and women). The only reason I say this is because to have traditional sith beyond the outer rim wouls seem pointless, given the fact that in both games by the time you reach the 10th level you can already kill everyone with out much problem. So it would only sound reasonable that there would be something more powerful beyod known space purhaps another species or something to that effect. I would also think that even if the followers of sadow had gone beyond the rim they as a culture would have evolved similar to that of the sith that still exicted inside known space, given the fact that they were using the same basic belief system and guiding rule to govern themselves as a society. Thus making them virtually a non-existant threat to Revan and the Exile (or really anyone else we could get as a PC). Now I have nothing to back this up other than the fact that it would seem logical too me and my personal opinion on the matter, so I very likely could be wrong.
  10. if your talking about the doors I think (the doors located along the main path where the map says there is a room behind them but when you try to open them you are told that they are controlled by a console else where), then there is no way to open them, they are sealed and since we can't get to the sub level we can't be sure if the console needed to open them is down there or not, chances are that if the sublevel was able to be accessed (in it's completed state) we would find good weapons and armor behind them or at the very least another couple containers where the random loot system would yet agian screw the pooch.
  11. ok then I guess the question that needs to be asked is what the hell is M4-78 suppost to be? I mean if it has nothing to do with the driod plant then what is it just another single story element that got cut or did it really hold the key to finally understanding the whole Damn story? It would be nice if it completed the story.... well atleast as far as is possible without the intended ending.
  12. The part I underlined was what I found most interesting in you last comment, and what I was trying to convey before, if she had been properly polished and the cut content of Atris hadn't been cut then I think she would have turned out to one of the better characters. Personally I didn't like her either but I still don't belive that she was evil. Ok but they acted out of fear not reason, they were afraid that the exile would bring their deaths, the death of the Galaxy was a side thought too them. She may have been only out for herself but the thing is if she was only out for herself then why would she want the force dead since it would lead to her being killed along with everyone else... saying the death of the force would kill everything. Ok your right on that she was sort of pushing her ideas onto the PC but the thing is that once you went and talked to her on the hawk she always gave you a reason why she got mad, also what about Bastila she got mad at the PC a lot in KOTOR when you did something evil in her presence. Not really accurate you weren't even deffend to the force you were a vaccumm in the force where the force was silenced by your presence. So in effect you were cut off from the force, purhaps more so than anyone else had ever been, Also if what you say was true then no one could ever be cut off from the force and there has been a few people who were cut off from the force by the jedi masters. I remember people talking about people in the comics who were cut off from the force, so the force isn't life it is merely an exstention of it and killing the force would only limit a persons perceptions of the world around them and not kill them like you said about.
  13. Yeah. Her intentions are sketchy at best, never made entirely clear. Side effect of the cutting. Some times she was neutral, other times, she wanted to make you see that the world was weak without suffering, which the jedi seemed to try and stop. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can understand what your getting at but the thing is that the jedi belive the samething, I remember one of the jedi (I think it was a jedi) at the enclave in KOTOR saying much the same thing to the player when asked what to do about the mandalorian attacks on that farmer and his family (the one where canderous says he should have been stronger and it wouldn't have happened - saying he is in you party when you meet the guy). But the jedi like to let people deal with their own problems rather than try to solve them for them since it would only cause the people to depend too much on the jedi.
  14. yeah I have an action replay but it doesn't do cheats only game saves (for the Xbox anyway, I knwo the PS2 one does cheats), wihich is really kind of useless for KOTOR and TSL since I can't seem to make the save files work on my XBOX. I was just wondering why they decided to not include the same or atleast a similar cheat system for the XBOX as what is on the PC version.
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