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  1. There's no way at all of fixing it? :: sigh :: I dunno if it'll be worth it to start over. I mean, killing all the masters couldn' thave messed up the entire game ..Meh I'll try a few things like picking different dialogue options or something during the Kreia cutscene.
  2. Hi, so randomly I picked up Kotor2 the other day and found out I never finished the game with my dark-side character. So I'm playing it and I finish Onderon, killed Kavar, and then got back on the ship. I talked to Kreia and she tells me that I should go to the enclave on Dantooine because the remaining Jedis will meet me there, blah blah blah (y'all know how it goes ). So I go to the enclave and I enter the ruins where the cutscene with Kreia sitting down starts. Then it shows my character walking into the area where (on the light-side game) the Jedi Masters were going to talk to you and try to take the force from you (still in a cutscene). After this the camera does the spin thing and the music plays as it looks around the empty area. Then it's like the game freezes up or something . The screen stays on that empty area and the cutscene doesn't end. At first I thought it was a problem with lag, so I just waited for a few minutes...it stayed the same. So, how I solved all the other glitches, I just restarted my xbox. The same thing happened again, at the same exact time. Basically, I'm worried that I've made my game unwinnable by killing ALL the jedi masters or something. I'd appreciate any and all help because I have no idea what to do. Not to mention I'm frustrated out of my mind to have gotten to far in the game and run face-first into this brick wall
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