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  1. fantastic four was one of my favourite cartoons so here's hoping they dont mess it up
  2. the only system that would work is me as ruler and all you as my loyal subjects/slaves
  3. me whatever this means Economic Left/Right: -4.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.18
  4. this what I miss at bioware? lucky me
  5. the only aussie music i'ld reccomend is Jet, stay away from our ausssie idols, dreadful representation of our country
  6. I ma sick of these threads keep popping up how many times they have been done I dont know
  7. ???? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Master Jedi the Pink, Master Jedi the Real, Master Jedi the Kotorian: mission accomplished
  8. I would like a RPG game that encorparates characters from star wars like Luke but not have them a focus. so a kotNR or KotGA does interest me
  9. i am not here not at all never was here and certainly not here for kotor 2 nope not me
  10. Master Jedi the Pink: there is no emotion, there is kotor 3,4,5,6 Master Jedi the Real: no such thing as kotor 3 it is a microsoft/lucasarts conspiracy to sell Xbox 2 might as well hug trees Master Jedi the Kotorian: Kotor 3 mine all mine needs I do, it mine all mine!
  11. Master Jedi the Pink: Pink will own you all and crush the evil Kotorian empire Master Jedi the Real: Woah, dud that too deep move to australia the air there is like woah too mad man, you can like totally not see it much, hug tree and live, spurn the trees and die Master Jedi the Kotorian: We kills Gatsey yes, kills him, he stoles it from us our precious, nice kotor2, nice, we kills billy nows
  12. Master Jedi the Pink: Pink is the new black totally with it Master Jedi the Real: Breathe in air, hug trees man, sometimes they hug back Master Jedi the Kotorian: need kotor 2, i needs it, they stoles it from us nasty US xboxers, nasty!
  13. You are either too young to be here or too old to be watching that program
  14. To all ye Kotorians turn back from your ways, Late night posting, threads about kotor 3 to the dark side these lead, only embrace fresh air, people and getting laid listen to the wise teachings of Master Old-Skool and be saved. turn back from hte corruptiong in kotorian empire, inhale fresh air, talk to real people, get a tan, do something away from star wars, avoid quoting yoda in company, quote sienfield instead to avoid geek label. Peace and reality to ya
  15. Simple servant of Eru met him at a sci-fi convention they hung around each other too long and Eru's personality infected Boone
  16. i think i was whinging about someone either palpatang or hades one or i had one first normal post then got stuck in to one of these two
  17. wasn't the problem that he lost all his papers, and things like this are bad but just a sign of how rigourous governments feel they need to be to protect their country
  18. all greatest hits by Queen they rock!
  19. I dunno...some might think it's sadder you actually BELIEVE there's a need for such laws... " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Think through the possiblitiesif anyone could jump on a plane and go anywhere
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