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  1. Honestly, what's most offensive about this whole thing is that people everywhere are calling it a limerick.
  2. I think that every single post I've seen from you have been a strawman. Are you ever productive, or just tiresome? The knights templar were a highly armoured monastic order, it's not like you even need an imagination, they actually existed!
  3. You're making a rational argument to an emotional issue. How else could we reasonably discuss this?
  4. Most likely your character will have an agenda (the purpose of the game), like finding the water chip in Fallout 1. If you are doing stuff in the game that furthers this, then you are on the crit path. If you do stuff like help an old lady set mouse traps because she asked you in the street, then you are doing side quests.
  5. I've never really seen the purpose of day & night cycles. I guess it makes things a bit harder to see half the time? It doesn't really add in any meaningful way to the gameplay.
  6. I agree. I usually just lurk on forums, but I've been shying away from this one a bit, since I don't really feel like spending my time on many of these threads. I certainly do not fault Obsidian employees for doing the same and spending their time and energy on the game rather than the boards!
  7. Luckily, at least now we know that OP was trolling.
  8. It's probably nice to disconnect from this whole thing when he gets home, and mind his family etc. Of course, he could just have said that then, it's a valid excuse in my book.
  9. Really? People care about these things (nice bait, mate)? I haven't played the beta, but I've watched some gameplay videos and I can't say anything like what you describe stuck out to me. The game having less polish than than AAA titles seems really reasonable though.
  10. In DOS an enemy unit that's engaged you gets a wider circle around them, and if you move your character outside this circle you disengage, and incur a disengagement attack. This means that you are sort of free to position or reposition yourself around your enemy, but you can't escape without getting hit. Edit: I suppose the type of indicator used would be dependent on which type of disengagement mechanic PoE uses, but I haven't played the beta so I don't know how it works.
  11. I haven't seen how this looks in the game, it might be really jarring for all I now, but it seems like one of those "gameisms" that you just need to suspend disbelief for. That being said, it would look really cool if they dimmed them during sneaking. Like holding a breath, but with you head, with flames.
  12. Likely you'd get xp for resolving the events and crises that comes with owning a stronghold, but what makes you think obsidian would write an infinite amount of them? It makes sense to me that there'd be a handful of quests and events that may or may not happen depending on your rule.
  13. Well, one assumes that if they'd fix the disappearing equipment bug, that it would be fixed for the entire game...
  14. I think they look pretty cool, and I really dig modular portraits (worked like a charm in Shadowrun Returns). I wouldn't mind a couple more, but that feels like something that will trickle in in the future. Besides, people have been generating and uploading their own since -98, so it's not like there is a shortage.
  15. I suppose we will see in a few hours if this a huge problem or not.
  16. He's addressing Multiplayer, of course, and not Coop. Well Co-op is multiplayer, isn't it? And pretty much the only reasonable mode of multiplayer that I can think of for this type of game.
  17. The functionality you describe has already been confirmed to be in the game.
  18. I'm not sure ME3's multiplayer is the best example to use as evidence that including multiplayer functionality won't affect single player. Well... I didn't say that, did I? I made the point that multiplayer as a concept is not inherently bad.
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