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  1. This game is so easy mode even on hard that this thread makes me wet myself laughing. I am finding the game so easy that the hardest thing is bringing myself to have a play session for more than 10 minutes. Go ahead and cry about it becoming 1% harder though noob.
  2. If you are going to complain about the lack of realism then this is the list you should make. 1. Magic 2. Wearing plate armour all the time. 3. Sleeping more than once a day or less than once a day. 4. Recovering from combat wounds in less than a few months and frequently at all. 5. Eating less than twice a day while doing strenuous activity repeatedly. 6. Carry so much loot around (as in having an inventory at all. Should be quickslots and equipment. Your backpack is for food and water) 7. Having a large bodycount. 8. Winning fights against large groups of trained soldiers in armour. I could make this list 15 pages long. Please realise your complaints are arbitrary and based upon some random ideas that are totally personal to you. The game isn't in the slightest realistic or a simulation of anything.
  3. That's ironic. The developers (and Josh especially) thought indulging one freak on twitter was more important than fixing bugs i.e. losing energy and time on this nonsense (seeing how they couldn't simply edit the line due to game coding, but needed to replace it) If you think editing this line or replacing it or whatever it is they did actually took away from the patching then you have no idea. I may not understand the technical side of game development much more than the average chimpanzee but I do understand devotion. Even though I am actually pretty let down by the final release of the game (due to the borked XP and lack of difficulty on hard) I do not FOR ONE SECOND think that Obsidian are just lazing around not giving a crap about the bugs. I would bet my mouse hand these buggers are doing everything they can to fix as much as they can as quickly as they can. /cast putthetrollbackintothecave.
  4. You do realise that scientific study has proven this saying to be woefully inaccurate right ? Words are a powerful thing. They do lasting damage. Largely when someone resorts to hurting someone else with 'sticks and stones' it is after words have hurt them. So hopefully no one ever gets taught this this silly misleading rhyme ever again.
  5. Things like this make me wish the XP wasn't so broken. It looks like a cool idea.
  6. I played Blood Bowl RTwP mode one time. It was a spectacular piece of ugg. I never kite people either with or without engagement. It just feels cheap.
  7. No, you have to stop and listen to yourself. What exactly would you like? Game where you can easily complete main storyline without doing anything else? Is final Boss too hard? Pick yours lazy ass, do more side quests and come back later. Every at least a little reasonable RPG had this system. Moreover, exploring and doing all side quests should be rewarding. PoE is not a game that should be complete in a few hours, so you can not measured by the same standards players who plays ten hours a players who plays fifty hours. I am glad at least some people want this game to be an experience that feels at least a little bit like the old IE games. Reading these forums could almost convince me that no one cares.
  8. So a week from now someone will be making a mod eh ? Please direct me to the mod which fixes the combat difficulty of Dragon Age: Origins. Its six years old now so the mod should be out right ? Well no. No such mod exists. Someone did start making one onetime but last I checked no progress there. So do we have any reason to expect combat mods for the game? No. Not really. PotD is a pretty cheap and crappy form of difficulty. Lets throw a stupid amount of enemies at you and then give them really high stats in certain areas which completey screw the combat balance in terms of what does and does not work. Heck the maps are not even roomy enough and the AI isnt smart enough to make PotD all that viable. Even on hard there are bottleneck issues. I am running through the game tanking with itumaak and going afk and letting auto attack resolve the fights. You cannot do that in BG2 and IWD2. Expecting the combat to have some kind of challenge and the progression to be meaningful is unreasonable I guess.
  9. You are obviously not playing on PoTD. Come back when you do. Bloody casuals complaining the game is too easy lol Yeah stuff me for wanting hard to be hard right.
  10. I probably have a longer history of rpg gaming than you will ever have. So quit with the tantrum I'm not your two cent friend. Your history of being interested in Pillars of Eternity stretches all the way to march 30th 2015. Nice history there. Edit : I am not sure how age or who got into RPG's first is of any relevance but I first got into RPG's in about 1994 when I was 13 years old. Shining Force on the megadrive was my introduction to the genre FYI.
  11. I don't personally feel like the engagement system does anything to me or really bothers me but I came here to say what sensuki said. Just turn it off. Wont break anything.
  12. Ok so I am guessing you are dying to shades/shadows ? Those fights are hard early game. So you could consider leveling or getting more people first. For the most part againt enemies who blinkstrike I would say all you really need to do is make sure people are hitting someone else before your mage gets too close to them.
  13. The comma or " , " mark isn't supposed to be used like that. Sorry for nitpicking. Actually I'm not its just what I do. Not sure if you are able to edit your title but it might not be a bad idea if you can.
  14. Thankyou hadisfetic for asking this and thankyou LadyCrimson for answering. Its good to know that someone is keeping important issues in their minds and not arguing about total bollocks instead (read the official announcement thread >.> storm in a teacup much)
  15. Why the hell is everyone complaining about a stupid line of text and its inclusion of lack of inclucsion. Children all of you. Can we actually talk about the patch ? Can we talk about the borked XP ? can someone tell me when the patch will launch on GoG ? Nope. Bunch of kids whining is what we get.
  16. I never said only 1-2% want a challenge. I said only about that many would enjoy/survive on a difficulty level made for those who find PotD a cakewalk. Is that low? Maybe. There are, however, people who already struggle with Normal and Hard. Also, I don't think people backed Pillars to have a challenge. They backed it because they wanted a game that harkened back to the days of BG, Torment and others. As someone who's played those games almost obsessively I can say that in my opinion.. they weren't that hard. Tedious and yet great? Sure, but hard? Only in comparison to the paint-by-numbers difficulty many modern games have. The ideal solution, imo, would be to have the experience curve moddable, so people could tailor it to their style of game play. Regardless of when people are or are not hitting cap, I think we can all agree that they are hitting the cap too quickly, even if they are not exploring every nook and cranny. A slower pace to leveling benefits everyone, as I see it. Working out increases in difficulty should come after fixing the leveling curve, or you could create further issues down the road. BG2 and IWD2 which are the IE games I played the most and remember most clearly were miles harder than this. I expected this game to be harder. Even PotD is broken by the XP gains (or so I have been led to believe by the people in other posts about XP/difficulty who are actually playing on PotD claimed. I wanted a game where the base game was similar to the games it is supposed to hark back to. So not extraordinarily hard. Since there is also hard difficulty though, with extra monsters for every encounter ... it should be harder if you choose that option. Since you need to be level 8 to finish the game that is where I feel the cap should be. Instead its so easy that I am tanking with a pet and playing with one hand and getting bored. In regards to anyone who finds normal hard, I can only think it is for two reasons. 1 Engagement attacks. I have watched a lets player on youtube who plays Civ5 on deity (not related but it does show he is capable of thinking and learning how to play somewhat complex games) struggle like hell on normal. He is constantly getting hit by engagement mechanics. 2 No understanding of the spells, saving throws, attack resolution or .....basically any of the mechanics of the game. Aforementioned lets player is having this issue too. Do we want a game tuned to people who don't have any idea how to play it ? I'd prefer not. Why not just make easy stupidly easy and take engagement attacks out for easy (or maybe out all together ? currently they don't seem to add anything) and then make the rest of the game work for people who are interested in the game. What fun is it to think of a good build or party make up if there is nothing to test it on ? For me there is no fun only ash now. I will of course try PotD after a small break (I am currently burnt out and don't even anticipate bothering to continue playing). PotD still feels like cheese flavoured difficulty though. Stupidly large quantities of enemies should not be the answer for difficulty. I am finding even on hard with the way a lot of maps are there are more enemies than there is space for them to get at me without me trying to cheese them. Fix the unkillable tank issue. Fix the XP issue (by capping it at 8 and letting people hit that in defiance bay for all I care). Then perhaps we would have a game that I could love again. The biggest issue for difficulty still remains the XP no matter how you look at it. Overall though I am dissapointed in the combat. With the way it is now I feel like they may as well have just put in a no combat option. Right now I would take that over the borked by xp combat.
  17. In BG 1 the people you would find to team up with had pretty bad stats also. I always figured it was supposed to be a part of the challenge. Also it tends to mean that the best person in the party is the PC regardless of which role you choose. So is there a chance that the stats are all funny on purpose?
  18. Yeah I am kind of hyper aware that enjoying the combat is unusual and playing out some power fantasy where you become kind of the world is normal. This is supposed to be a niche game though. It is supposed to cater to people who liked the old IE games. Pillars of eternity is a LOT easier than the old IE games. A lot. This 'only 1-2%' of the player base wants a challenge statement is not accurate. This game got kickstarted by 77k people to the tune of 4 million dollars. A lot more than 2% of those people were hoping for a challenge. Its also not like it is that big a deal either. Its not like I am asking for easy and normal to be hard. I couldn't care if all the creatures in easy got nerfed by 60% to the point where a 4 year old using a PC for the first time could finish the game with a level 2 party. I dont care how easy it gets. What I care about is that the XP goes out of control. The content doesnt scale to your level. I have been informed that you are supposed to finish the game at level 8. Considering how many people are capping upon reaching the 3rd act ( I am a hairs breadth from level 11 and I am not at twin elms yet) I think you can say that its not really working out. Ive said it before I will say it again. Punishing people for exploring the game and doing the quests isn't fair. I like doing quests. I like exploring. I like challenging combat. It is what I liked about the old IE games. So yeah I am more than a little bit mad that right now the game is more like Dragon Age and less like any IE title. I hated Dragon Age. Edit : I could be wrong but I think you will find twin elms is a lot closer to the end of the game than the middle. Level cap should still be the level you are intended to fight the last boss as though.
  19. Do we have any reason to hope that they might ramp up the AI a little bit at some point ? I find that if I put my tank out there even against more enemies than can get to him at once they either start milling like a bunch of millers or do laps around my tank. Unless I actually walk my casters up to them they just dont even consider walking into my party.
  20. Hard is easy normal is easier and easy is frighteningly easy. I believe that your characters should not die unless they are maimed first. To put it another way: Unless you go down to 1 hp and then get back up this shouldnt happen to you. Eder has an item which makes him get back up (saints war armour) and there are other ways to get people back up. Perhaps this happened to you ? I would recommend resting if you notice that someone is low on health (the little bar next to their portraits).
  21. Actually the game content is trivialised on all dificulties due to the borked xp. So there are literally no wrong answers if you can get to defiance bay your build/composition wins.
  22. "I like leveling up". WTF is this. Is this what Pillars of Eternity is about. Catering to Dragon Age Casuals. Why the hell even make this game. Did Obsidian make this game so that A:they wouldn't shut down or B: To give those of us who liked BG and IWD something new to play after us all waiting for so long. I know who paid for the game kid. Was the diehard IE fans. So go back to Skyrim or Dragon Age or whatever retarded easymode dumbed down piece of horse **** game you came from. Even better why don't you go and buy a ****ing Xbox. Edit: sadly I probably will be reduced to capping my own level in order to actually have a game to play. Since hitting around level 7 this game has turned to ash in my mouth. I went from excitedly doing everything and reading everything to caring about nothing and feeling like I was Playing Pillars of Dragonage.
  23. So then your solution is not increasing difficulty but to cap characters on low level? That's a really horrible way to solve a problem. You could not press that gold + sign after level 8 and bam! you already solved your problem. In the meanwhile those who love leveling up could level up to their heart's content. Or you can play on higher difficulties, PotD is not trivial (and pretty frustrating after you hit level cap at halfway and you don't get any stronger - unlike the encounters). See none of these scenarios mess up your fun. Unlike the current situation which does mess up the fun of others. Your solution is pretty retarded. Sorry but it just is. I have reports that PotD is also suffering from the XP splurge (feel free to look at my 'bug report' about the difficulty/xp issue). In some way shape or form you should be stopped from out leveling the content to the point it becomes trivial. I don't care how they do it. People should not be punished for wanting to explore and do quests. RIght now they are. The punishment is getting too many levels. If you want to play the game on some super easy mode or cheat or do whatever I could care less. I don't see why YOU should get to ruin MY fun. Thats not reasonable.
  24. Lvl 8 isn't really THAT high for Dyrford. No one forced you to do the bounty quests, which are meant to be some of the toughest battles in the game, before Dyrford which you can go to almost immediately after Act 1. What kind of a bull**** response is this. The side quests clearly give way to much xp. Also if those bounty quests are hard then ... idk what to say. They are fkn easy at level 7 or 8. You should have the option to do quests without ruining the game.
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