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  1. I believe its the cipher class only. On Druid and Wizard I have found it to be Fine.
  2. I am finding that marked prey is not acting how you would expect it to on the tooltip. Which means it isnt doing anything that I can detect.
  3. I have explored more areas than that and not encountered any of these bugs. There are some pretty clearly stickied guidelines for reporting bugs. It is a bit of a sad fact that even this game comes with some things which need patching, although I haven't played any game which didn't have bug fixes soon after release for quite some time. I have faith that the game will be patched, overall it seems to be working pretty well for most people as it is. Sorry to hear that you are having issues but there are more constructive ways to make posts about said issues.
  4. Is it possible for you to post where the saves are found in the GoG version please? I also have bugged companion stats (for kana)
  5. I am not really sure what caused it but for some reason one of my companions, Kana, Has suddenly gotten a lot of extra stats I am pretty sure he didn't have when I found him. He has 20 intelligence where I remember him having 18 or 19 when I hired him (he has 20 intelligence with no items equipped at all) 16/12/9/14/20/10 being his overall stats. For defensive stats he is 56/48/38/52. This is with no chants or armour or shield or anything at all equipped. His deflection goes up to 93 with a fine large shield and braces of deflection equipped. The bracers add 5 to deflection as advertised but the fine large shield is adding 32 which seems a bit much. There is no information on the character sheet under added effects which explains this. I cannot work out where my savegame is and the MUST READ thing which said to add savegames said nothing about how to do that. I'll add it later if I work it out. I only have a save of after the stats went up. For some reason Eder's shield is giving him 25 deflection too ... (he doesn't have the sword and board talent) Its the Larder Door that Eder is using. I only have one proper save with Kana in it and its after the issue happened. The closest I have before that is raedrics hold pre doing those quests, so kinda far. Edit 2. I am not sure if its intentional but my druid has his stagform bonus defenses all of the time. I can read it under active effects, it never goes away.
  6. hmm I hope there are harder fights >.> . I actually one shot this fight, had more trouble at level 2 trying to clear out under the temple. The fights with two shades plus shadows vs my three guys two of them casters .... a lot harder than I found Raedric. The shades keep summoning shadows and I found I had to have a fair bit of loading to get past those fights. I actually went back with Durance to get through the last little bit of it because it was so hard.
  7. I am having a slightly different issue. I killed Raedric and now my quest is incomlete saying 'Kolsc is now free to claim Raedric's Hold and its surrounding lands including Gilded Vale.' The Npcs in the hold were responding to Raedrics death (well that old priest guy anyhows) but I still have the quest in my journal. Ok nevermind I am stupid it actually worked and that is just what it says afterwards. In regards to how tanking works Korevas I will say this : Distance is important and make Durance a tank until you get someone else. I had Eder go in front and initiate the conversation. I had Durance as the 'backup' tank to stop anyone who got past Eder (and also to stop Eder from dying since I am playing on hard). I had my wizard and druid (my pc) both standing a good ways back when I did the conversation. I have found the enemy will run around my melee, but only to an extent. I used the druid DPS spells and the Wizard CC spells (the aoe confusion and blind spells being my favourites) from the back while using the defensive spells that Durance had to keep Eder up (he dropped half of his endurance as soon as the conversation ended). I also used Durance to stop anyone going down the stairs.
  8. It is just my opinion they were badly managed due to the choices they made not being the ones I wanted them to make. Im also aware that those games were all commercially successful. I think me calling them mismanaged is about as fair as someone saying PoE is mismanaged. Maybe not fair at all :/
  9. Wouldn't they have to pay licensing fees to use DnD ? If they make PoE and it leads to an expansion and a PoE 2 then they have made something they own which they can use for free in the future. Using DnD as the basis for the game would mean having to work on an IP they don't own. Most people liked F:NV, but it doesn't look like OE is going to get another shot at Fallout because they don't own it.
  10. Do you feel like they have caught it now? Knowing the developer stance on this issue would be nice, since if the camera angle is less than optimal for combat perhaps future installments could be brought back to the isometric view if OE devs are also thinking this would be better.I have no access so I really cannot personally comment on the camera angles, but from what I have read so far I think you have a focus on combat similar to mine so I am inclined to take your word for it that the angle of the camera isnt optimal.
  11. I enjoyed the BG2 Mage battles just as they were. Can you please elaborate on the "high resistance" aspect of your comment? I dont mind that PoE will not have these kind of battles by the way. My hope is that if PoE is successful it will be kinda like the original BG(it will spawn sequels,expansions and side series). Sequels and expansions is where I would expect to find a new kind of mage focus'd game.
  12. I don't have access to the beta, heck I havent even bought the game at all. I heard the price would go up on release so I planned to buy it then (I could be so wrong about this, i havent looked into it). I have however been paying a reasonable amount of attention to these forums and to news about this game in general. From all of the following I have done it seems to me that development is being handled very well. With just four million dollars (an amount of money which I believe isnt v much at all for a game budget these days) we be asking obsidian to make a game which is as good as BG/IWD franchise. A lot of posters here think that BG/IWD/PS:T are some of the best video games of all time, and I am on that bandwagon myself. I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this game. Everything I have seen so far makes me think obsidian are doing their level best to give us an experience which fans of those games will enjoy. IMO the most *mishandled development of all time award* would have to go to Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Dragon Age. Each of these titles made me die a little inside and become depressed (like I suffered some actual depression, which might be a bit crazy but eh, i think I am a little crazy). I know I am not in the majority with these opinions. Except here. Seems like these forums are the place where FNV>FO3 and BG>DA:O and Morrowind>Skyrim. So the majority of the backs of this game do not want what you are asking for OP. Its that simple. Nostalgia freak for life.
  13. When I saw the title of the post I wondered if perhaps you were pushing 60 or something. The people making this game are older than we are I think ? (im 33 not that far off you)
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