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  1. This happened to me yesterday about 20 hours into the game while working on the endless paths quest.
  2. So far, the game is really hitting on all cylinders for me. The art direction, writing, and combat all work together very well. Those storyboard cutscenes. <3 I so enjoy these games that are a labor of love from their developers. Well done, everyone at Obsidian. I expect to be immersed for a long time with this.
  3. After further testing, the remark must be related to the ensuing weapon attack and not marked prey. When I click on the enemy I can see the debuff icon, so it's getting applied.
  4. I guess that is what is puzzling though. That line fires before I have attacked with my main weapon (a bow) and seems to trigger when I use the Marked Prey ability. What does it mean for marked prey not to be good against a certain enemy? It's a debuff, it doesn't make much sense to be considered a weak damage type. Thanks for the reply.
  5. So I started off by creating a wood elf ranger for my first character and picked up marked prey. On every single fight so far (about a half dozen) I have gotten the spoken line that the ability isn't working. I click the ability and then then enemy I want to mark. It never works. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  6. I am very excited to see this, it looks great! Thank you for the continual stream of encouraging updates. For me, I think this is going to hit the sweet spot in terms of graphics. I feel like RPG games lost something as they endeavoured to push the 3D graphical quality higher and higher. I don't simply mean that they required more computational work from computers, took a longer time to develop, led to sacrifice in other areas, etc, but rather in terms of stimulating the imagination. The graphics are pleasing and plant a vivid picture without trying to do all the work for you, like a work
  7. If this was supposed to be one of those AAA games, I would not have supported it.
  8. Wow, I was quite skeptical about the 3.5 million mark and really happy to see this. Congratulations to Obsidian, and I hope that this enthusiastic support and vote of confidence supplies you with some much needed energy during the road ahead. Happy for you guys!
  9. Mod tools for sure, and perhaps co-op depending on how it's done.
  10. I say 'no' on this one. While I can enjoy a romance here and there, it simply degenerates into an endless pit of complaints for not supplying every matrix of companions possible. Just look at where DA2 went and what those forums look like now. There are so many other places where I would prefer the developers to invest their time.
  11. I don't quite understand the fixation with providing Steam based features on a boxed copy of the game, when getting the boxed copy supplies you with a digital steam version anyway. I think many of us who pay more for a physical copy of the game do so because we want a lightweight installation of the game that is not tied to internet connections, future server availability, running additional background processes, etc. Please, we just want the game, so can we move away from this forced Steam-based coupling on single-player games delivered via physical media? It's the reason I never bought Risen
  12. Excellent news. I was holding out until the DRM issue was clarified. Grabbing my credit card now ...
  13. I'm excited about the project and ready to support it as soon as we hear a more convincing promise about DRM. I would be fine if the DVD version of the game has nothing more than a key to enter, and please don't make me have the media in the drive every time I want to play. A GOG version would be great too. I won't support it or buy it if it requires Steam.
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