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  1. Yes, this is a issue since the game launched, was hopping they would fix in 1.03 but they didn't. In the meantime you can right click the abilities and the yellow bonus from int should appear, but you need to do this every time you load the game.
  2. Do they ? And also if it isnt too much trouble obsidian could you maybe add a sort inventory option to the game or if failing that could you make the stash behave like char inventory as in allow me to put items where i want without having to change 1 by 1 (i spend way too much time sorting the stash....)
  3. Assuming you're not trolling, how do you deal with misses in POTD, because when I tried I was constantly missing. And also how do you deal with the Will O'Wisp without getting charm spammed
  4. Ah... this reminds me when i used to play World Of Warcraft every time a patch hit.. the ****storm that followed was epic indeed good times...
  5. There isnt a fix for the bonus area effect from int appearing correctly ? or did i see wrong.
  6. Yes i agree, it is a non issue and thats why the developers should not waste time doing anything about it, and instead spend their time fixing the real issues
  7. So in a game that we can kill people, sacrifice people, damn people souls, steal people stuff,etc. The thing that pisses most people off is anything to do with sex, gender and sexual orientation. Why is that recently that in a lot of RPGs people are always complaining about the same stuff over and over again. Cant we just leave these issues in real life and just enjoy the fictional world of the game without bringing those issues to the game. Like it or not prostitution is in the game and last i checked the game has a mature rating so if you get pissed off because you can sleep with one
  8. Just tried this and you are right, still its kinda anoying having to click every abilty to update the range every time you load a game. Hopefully they fix this problem with the others with the patch comming next week
  9. Update: It seems sometimes the bonus area appears and other time it wont (most of the time it wont though), is the cipher the only class having this problem ?
  10. So iam not the only one iam also having this issue has i posted here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72972-is-the-area-of-effect-bonus-from-int-bugged/ It seems intellect does nothing for the cipher, i tried to make a wizard and it seems intellect works for them at least while i was testing
  11. Hey everyone Is anyone else having problems with the area of effect bonus from int, because if iam not mistaken you are supposed to get a bigger area of effect past a certain value in int or reduced area if your int is too low. I made two ciphers one with 3 int and another with 18 int and the area of effect is exactly the same (the normal range of the spell i think). Here are some images. The first two are with 3 int. These are with 18 int. Is this working has intended ? or is it a bug ? Thanks
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