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  1. I had this, I think its because when you trigger the event where the place spawns mobs, they actually begin to fight the NPC guards... If you get near these guards and fight the mob they are fighting with lets say, with a Wizard his "blast" ability which turns rod/scepter etc attacks into small AOE will hit the guard.. even tho its not registering and he stays friendly. When u transition above the whole place will remember that and agro. Dont go near the NPCs when they are fighting other mobs, your auras and stuff will trigger passive agro on them somehow and you will get faction a
  2. Meta meta meta meta.... Thats all u guys complain about... x power has no use (reason to lvl) due to Meta... Stealth is awesome and putting more points into it allows you to rob **** while NPC's are standing right next to you. The more points I put, the easier it is for me to rob your house while your standing right in front of me.... Im that GOOD! Combining stealth with some speed potions and movement related food you can stealth into a fully MOB packed room like a ****ing ninja and take out a caster and then disappear again and move to another target. I can take out 2
  3. Its cool, I adjusted. I know thier are ways to disengauge. Its just those ogres were hitting my guys and it did not look to me like they were close enough for that.
  4. Actually I accidentaly found out u can UNenchant one weapon, but its more of an exploit /bug and has to do with a statue....
  5. I think he flirting with him about giving him a BJ... Just my first impression of that odd remark.. Karas response is "what?" Then aloth says oh nothing nevermind or somethign like that...lol Really seems like a flirtatious remark...I have had gay people say things like this to me before, seeing as how Im a "Pretty Boy" as several of my gay friends put it lol
  6. 1. Replay is fine (if you like to make your own heroes), but Yea, we need more NPCS, I get the feeling some more possible party members will arrive shortly as DLC, voice acting is a bit expensive so they prob cut a few planned ones out till they can pay for good voiceovers for them. 2. Im not having excessive load times on my PC but i do own a 1 year old midline alienware so maybe im tuned to load faster somehow... 3. The only reason IMO its not better than BG's is the horrid stat tech, I really enjoy the original D&D stat system regardless of what people say it made it hella easi
  7. I think its possible some of the environment in that area is interfering with the "find hidden "aura" u emit when sneaking blocking it from hitting that wall until your right ontop of it. BUt also the button wont grey out so it might be multiple probs in that particular area,,, Im more bummed i cant craft more mech scrolls...but im not too far into the game yet so...maybe some vendors will have them...
  8. I too found that scroll but i used it to disarm some traps I didnt have enough skill for. It appears that scroll is not craftable... sads Also that particular switch has something wrong with it. I had to come back also and STAND RIGHT ON THE WALL for it to show. After it showed and i clicked it the door opened but the switch remains purple as if I never touched it. It wont gray out.
  9. I Only use my tablet when im sitting on the toilet now....
  10. All you need is MAX might and int. Thiers really no reason to get anythign else...great system!
  11. Its obvious thier was some real problems going on during development of the stat system No matter what you call these stats there will ALWAYS be a dump stat for xxx class... It seems like the number crunchers did one thing, and the story writers did another. So they made up some bull**** background excuse to account for the story using might to break walls and bars and also the main DPS stat for very single class.... Might is the biggest most important stat in the game no matter which way you shake it , if you cant kill the enemies before they kill you its game over. Might Ki
  12. Did u try cast meditation of clarity 1st lvl priest spell? I did when i got consfused and it worked to remove the confusion while buffing will and res. I cant remember if i ever got dominated yet, i did fight some fungus men in a cave and thought i dispelled the charm somehow during the fight..
  13. I think the first level priest spell ...i think its called meditation of clarity. It should clear all will related debuffs and buff will higher so at least it wears off quicker or you will save resist it.
  14. Wow... I mean, I understand its purpose but that is some unforgiving ****. Dont even bother to try and position your guys once combat starts... If a mob is near them they cant move an inch or its POW! right in the kisser! This really sucks for trying to move out of static AOE's like tangling roots etc... Every game I play nowdays trains you to get out of the "fire, posion, ice" clouds on the floor! This game goes backwards and forces you to eat it...or die, or die while eating it... Either way thiers no way out once an aoe is cast on your melee's you have to either tr
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