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  1. Is there actually anybody in Europa who already got their box? I live in Belgium, got nothing yet - I expected that I was an exception to not get my stuff - but NOBODY got it yet? :s They really should communicate about this.
  2. I thought meditation of clarity only gave a will bonus against those effects, working preventive - not reactively. Guess I have to test that out - I already casted it the instant I started a fight againts mobs that had mind control abilities but that does not disable them from applying domination. I do wonder if "supress afflication" just is bugged, because based on the description you really would expect it dispells any hostile effects on your party. Anybody an idea why it does not work?
  3. How can you dispel domination? I tried to use the priest spell "supress afflication", but this does not seem to work.
  4. I go with option 1 - I can still play on release date, and browse trough my stuff while the game is installing. I really miss those physical items from back in the days with games. I remember that every time I bought a game when I was a little kid, I would first read the entire manual (expect for BG2, god that was a huge manual) while my mom drove me home, or latter, when I took the bus from the shop to my house. It was a sad day when all the manuals stored to appear only as PDF. Really appreciate that you guys are willing to make more costs just to please all your backers!
  5. I would like to see some extra companions, don't really care about extra wilderniss-maps. However, it really depends if this will push back to delivery date. Of this will delay the project, I would prefer them as a DLC or as an expansion pack. Some additional information of Obsidian is needed, especially about the timing, to make a good call on this.
  6. Just made an account and wanted to jump in, just to stay to the team: this looks amazing. Really, I already was super excited the first day of the kickstarter, then even more when the first screenshot was released... and now this. Really, I could have done with a lot less, and speaks allot about the quality of the team of Obsidian that even for this "low budget" project, they manage to create such a stunning look. Greatest respect for the team, and keep the good work up!
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