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  1. But this is exactly what happens to a worse extent. But instead of "spamming lowish damage spells" you spam autoattacks.
  2. I find the opposite. Since I need to "save" my spells I find that 99% of all fights are the same because my casters stand around autoattacking not wanting to waste the per rest spells. At least with per encounter my casters would do something on most fights. Interesting gameplay should come from interesting enemies not by restricting spell usage.
  3. Brought this up a number of times during the beta... http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70504-let-druids-and-priests-choose-spells/?hl=druid http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67188-completed-playthrough-feedback-257/?do=findComment&comment=1483868
  4. After about level 3 or 4 Combat is all the same tank and spank and boring. Called it since Day 1 of beta: "7. COMBAT A. Overall experience: a. Generally: -Tank and Spank: The quest to find the daughter, beetles and all... combat was pretty easy and straightforward. 95% of the fights felt like tank and spank. My tank stood still and got hit while everyone else got naked and used a ranged weapon. If there were a lot of mobs I would use CC. In the attached screenshots (POE1/POE2/POE3) are examples. Spider's were CCed. Fighter's standing around doing nothing while NAKED ranged toons auto attacked away. If I let the CC wear off then the fighters would soak up the damage while I auto attacked some more. POE3 is a good example of the mobs simply focusing the tank even with beetle shell up while my ranged just beat them to death." http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67188-completed-playthrough-feedback-257/?do=findComment&comment=1483868 For all the work they did on attributes, armor/weapon/DR types and counters none of it really matters. If your tank doesn't die what does anything matter? It's funny because deflection is absurdly strong at high amounts and they let you have +18 at character creation. But accuracy got taken away. Almost begging all tanks to have this boon. And having Dps avoid it at all costs making the gap between tank and dps damage taken all the more extreme.
  5. In my previous edit. Or PM me if needed.
  6. I don't believe so. However int allows them to linger long enough that you can overlap 2 phrases 100% of the time. I believe the breaking point is 35% or 17 int off the top of my head. Incredibly useful obviously ;p Only linger is affected so the point is much higher than that. Should be Intellect 30 for no gap.
  7. While I agree, it's one of those things that most people won't really care about. My story: I clicked on something in the beginning and it automatically put something that I found creepy in my inventory that I didn't want to carry around... but I had not choice.
  8. From the same thread: You can reset this for npcs by removing them from your party! When you add them back, their passives return.
  9. On my very first playthrough triggered those first traps that you come across in the starting ruins because apparently I cut a corner. I would have survived but apparently in my surprise I clicked another movement command and triggered another trap... sealing my fate. Quite possibly the most pathetic moment of gaming career. On my second playthrough I learned that the temple of Eothas may not be a good idea for a group of level 1's and 2's Third attempt was a solo run on EASY. Died to a skulder.
  10. If you recruit Eder after taking the stronghold without him, he discusses the events as if you had recruited him beforehand.
  11. Unlimited rest is in this game by default. Rooms at the in that cost 0 gold.
  12. Would like to get a yes or no answer to this as well. I haven't run across anything.
  13. The goal was to make them equally useful. The goal was to make them not terrible for any class. Which they very successfully did. How can you be so disingenuous? Josh clearly stated a number of time they simply tried to make the gap between the worst build and the min/maxed build not so ridiculous. This community would have burned obsidian down if he were to have said "no min/maxing" You cite the Polygon article (http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/25/8284763/how-pillars-of-eternity-rewrites-the-rules-for-role-playing). But you misquote the hell out of it.
  14. I don't disagree with you... but what harm does it do for everyone to be stealth?
  15. I do find myself desiring this as a feature. "Running" through town is kind of weird at times.
  16. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67685-per-encounter-v-per-rest-abilities/ Have to agree with what I said in August. Per encounter are much more satisfying. This system works but I feel it would be better if everything were per encounter. It would also help with balance since you can't potentially throw 30 some spells out on a late game fight. And it would help prevent the power gaming trend that is already occurring by continuing to pull enemy after enemy to keep the combat state going (along with your summons/buffs) It would be cool if casters had things to do. Usually they just stand there and throw out weak auto attacks because I don't want to "waste" spells on weaker enemies. It would also make the early game muuuuch less painful for casters. Where auto attack/summoning characters seem to dominate
  17. I think what makes the premades interesting is that they are not necessarily min-maxed. Just like they characters themselves they are inherently flawed. Being able to play around what strengths/weakness they have is interesting.
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