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  1. This has been around forever so guess they didn't really have a problem with it.
  2. I liked traveling back and forth. It was part of the downtime between stressful dungeons.
  3. I like the stash. I don't mind a huge stash. But an infinite stash is an immersion breaker.
  4. Stop thinking in terms of "good" and "evil" Nothing is inherently either... /woah
  5. You don't understand how game development works, I'm afraid. Features like encumbrance take time and effort to build, and test, and require the game to be designed around them. You can't "just make both" without sacrificing other stuff. Ideally they make X and Y both optional and everyone is happy. Reading hard.
  6. Eothas temple is a bit overtuned for the level 1's and 2's that can go strolling in there.
  7. Full VO is almost impossible... it leads to restricted development because VO has to be recording way in advance and can't be changed after the fact... and leads to the "paraphrase" atrocity of Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
  8. To be fair, I can barely understand what's going on in the english version...
  9. These threads are all the same: Some people want X Some people want Y Niether is right nor wrong Ideally they make X and Y both optional and everyone is happy. Arguing about opinions is doublepalm facepalm worthy. /Thread
  10. I have an item that says "Bashing 2: Grants Bash" What is Bashing/Bash? No new abilites or anything in the character sheet.
  11. Odd... they were supposed to add this... they literally had a discussion on it during the developer meeting they filmed a few months ago.
  12. We tried.... http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70251-435-shapeshift-forms-in-combat-feedback/?hl=shapeshift&do=findComment&comment=1565183
  13. Interesting... Did they give any information on base duration, or if int increases the duration? I think it's increased by intellect... but really not sure.
  14. It's not a bug. They changed it from lasting the entire encounter to duration awhile ago. People submitted bug reports about the duration not lasting long or showing in the UI. These were acknowledged but obviously nothing was changed before release. Seemingly this is why wildstrike gives such a massive damage boost now.... because it doesn't last very long.
  15. Per encounter? or Per rest? any idea? Pretty op though
  16. What does "second chance" do? There is no tooltip nor is it listed in the character abilities. edit: not sure why they changed the forum name to stories and removed mechanics...
  17. Holy radiance is spell so that kind of threw me off... Regardless, regeneration effects are really good. Obviously the longer the fight the better. And better on characters that rarely get hit or tanks.
  18. It used to last the whole fight. They nerfed it pretty hard. Keep in mind the fights in the video are very short.
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