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  1. Yep. The scripted interactions, for example, seem to equate might with physical strength.
  2. Of course. That's the fun of a solo run. Knowing which fights you can handle and which ones to avoid.
  3. I was level 4. Not interested in meta-gaming just to play a solo run.
  4. Doing my first Trail of Iron solo run... zone into Madmhr bride.... forced encounter with Xuarip who perma paralyzes me... Absolutely no counter-play... Not cool. Why is there a forced encounter with a possible perma stun?
  5. This. Hatchet is not only the best, but literally the only defensive weapon. If you want to min-max a tank you are kinda forced to pick it up. I always thought it was weird to have all my front line people... with hatchets. And then you put them on all your casters in the back too. Since they are casting and not auto attacking they might as well have the defensive stat boost. Pretty odd design in an otherwise good weapon balance system.
  6. While entering Inn from Gilded Vale... 2015-11-08_201546.zip
  7. The "Copy/Paste" and "Tank and Spank" issues were present since day 1 of Beta... they improved AI to some extent. But none of it matters matters when the same basic strategy works on everything. "-Tank and Spank: The quest to find the daughter, beetles and all... combat was pretty easy and straightforward. 95% of the fights felt like tank and spank. My tank stood still and got hit while everyone else got naked and used a ranged weapon. If there were a lot of mobs I would use CC." http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67188-completed-playthrough-feedback-257/ I've said it before... this is not the game that it was hyped to be. Anyone with half a brain figures it out and rinse and repeats to victory. How did all these "hardcore" "old school" developers not realize that the combat is just the same thing over and over and over again? And why didn't the beta community bitch more about this... arguably the most important aspect of the game. I've had more fun trying to solo/duo easy mode than with a full party on hard. The addition of more enemies with increased difficulty is just as bad as increasing health pools. The more enemies there are you are just forced into more specific boring strategies... cheese mode doorways or AOE CC. If a Mod is going to fix this they have a lot of work ahead of them. I don't have my hopes up, especially since unity seems to be a pain to deal with.
  8. People suggested this everyday since the beta came out. They never changed it. Everytime I make a character I still do culture first then go back to the stats.
  9. Both of these were reported during beta... http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70282-435-iconic-projection-combat-log-feedback/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70283-435-projectile-spell-casting-indicators/
  10. Yah you can cheese mode an entire dungeon with 6 summons chain pulling right now... needs a nerf imo.
  11. Wrong. You can have 1 summon per character, thus 6 per party. Skeleton's are weak, but the phantom is ridiculous op with high health/defenses + sneak attack + STUN! Chanter's are broken good right now.
  12. Problem: You can literally chain pull an entire dungeon with your party standing at the beginning and doing nothing while relying on your summoned creatures to go kill everything. All that's required is that you chain pull or keep a really weak enemy poking your tank to keep you in combat. Suggestions: Only be able to summon 1 creature per fight per character. Sidenote: It's sad that spiritshift lasts 10-15 seconds while chanter summons go forever... Othersidenote: This would also help reign in the Overpoweredness of the "summon" items for non-chanters.
  13. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70542-435-druid-spiritshift-itemenchantment-loss/
  14. This was answered like 6 times in this thread. It's only mechanics And mechanics dominates because it has, by far, the best combat and non-combat benefits of the all the skills.
  15. This makes no sense. Most classes don't have many per rest abilities. Nobody complains they lack a "significant amount of strategy." Why are druids, priests and wizards so different. And and level 11 wizards shows you absurdity with a per rest system. The difference in power between a 4 slicken wizard and a 0 slicken wizard is ridiculous.
  16. You say it's "good" to point out such things yet dismiss his post as "absurd" without justification. I think OP's point is valid. I find your post absurd and contradictory.
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