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  1. Hey dude, I haven't played Pillars 2 for awhile now - How exactly is Single Class Druid better than a multi?
  2. Quick question: If I want to make a holy slayer that focuses on melee, so Streetfighter Rogue - what's the best Paladin Sub to be able to maintain the bonus? I don't wanna take bleakwalker really, dun fancy being an arse. Darcozzi seems like it could work pretty good? Get a flame shield along with that healing. Is the armor buff for the goldpact knights a bit too much to ensure enough damages if playing with a party? Or is the armor buff just what you need...Thoughts?
  3. 'Bridgeburners 9th' - For anyone who has read the greatest fantasy series of all time in 'The Malazan Book of the Fallen'
  4. Veteran. I don't really like skipping fights, resetting fights - I'm a badass watcher, not a **** that needs to pull one mob or avoid others totally. There are many ways to make veteran a reasonable challenge. I also hate on PotD when enemies become damage sponges and you're just auto attack wailing on them waiting for **** to end.
  5. Title basically, and Venombloom? Anyone know, wanna know if I should bother hunting for the spider-silk robe or not.
  6. Noob question alert - what are people using to force the resize of the images to the required specs?
  7. I don't suppose there is a way to repair the adra and not annoy the Deadfire Company? Don't like the Valians, but don't like the idea of destroying the adra
  8. Thanks. I guess that's one way to deal with the Confused Affliction that Berserker's Frenzy causes; make it irrelevant by using a weapon which will cause you to put out friendly fire either way. You don't really have to care about neutralizing Confused at that point. Exactly mate, if my companions wanna travel with me, they gotta endure the odd lightning bolt or 2. I just love roleplaying Druid Fury for many reasons - you're like your own god - no Magran this, or Rmygrand that, no puny wizard archmage circle to consort with. I'm a storm god son, feel my wrath. Gods and mage
  9. This is a damn sexy build. I've done pretty much the same thing but with Tempest - Fury/Zerker - But is slightly more ranged caster than melee, but can hop into melee with great effect with the same weps you've got going on here. You're is way more optimized in doing what it says it's going to do, mine is more for me, my playstyle, so different gear allowing me to cast different spells etc. I need to try this out. My Tempest is a powerhouse of Casting DPS with all that sexy Pen and action speed buffs etc
  10. Long Pain looks sexy, guns are cool. In terms of which class to pair it with..or maybe not? Does anyone have any opinions? If I'm going helwalker, then, Paladin seems like a good choice due to it's defensive options. Rogue has a more active defense? Not sure if it offers more DPS than Paladin, or at least enough to put up with much less defenses. Zerker? Zerker is Zerker right, it's just goood - but, could melt quickly. Thoughts?
  11. For what it's worth, I haven't found a class combo yet that deals more damage upon the completion of tutorial Island than the Tempest - Fury/Zerker. XD XD
  12. Off the top of my head, at work atm - Barbaric Blow damage bonus was decreased by 5% Berserker lost access to second upgrade to blood frenzy and both spirit frenzy upgrades
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