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  1. most of these topics have already been discussed to death here, but i agree most heartily on the companions. they don't have any real context outside of themselves, making them seem stitched onto the side of the game like a vestigial organ. the fighting pits is interesting, however. i never really used them in bg2, but coliseum's are always fun side-games for people who enjoy the core combat of the game (as opposed to most mini-games which are usually some novel mechanic). they're always welcome in the Tales Of games.
  2. unlike an action game where you can just spam the combo button, the difficulty of the crpg is directly correlated and wholly dependant on your investment in the details of the combat and mechanics. when you read every description of every item and weapon, sit and compare stats between sabre and stiletto, and learn what every single spell does; then the game will be easy. if, however, you try to minimize the research time by reading the bare minimum amount of text, you will end up with a decent challenge, even if you're higher level than the enemies. why? because crpg's have a hundred times mor
  3. i think the issue people are having is simply the apathy and passivity of the companions more so than having X number from Good and X from Evil or whatever. when you RP a Good playthrough in BG you are, by default from roleplaying, determining which companions you can and cannot have; as people like Viconia will leave your party if you are too nice. so roleplaying the story directly roleplays your companions as well. by roleplaying you will, by necessity, end up with different parties*. not so in PoE. in PoE, the companions [with 1 or 2 exceptions] only care about two things: your personal jo
  4. Just my two cents on the "balance" from the BG games and people's opinions of it [and comparing it to Pillars]... People are saying the BG games are easy in hindsight, after significant study of the game's contents and mechanics. I played both 1 and 2 in a casual manner, and I found both pretty difficult. Why? 1) I failed to finish the Flail of the Ages quest for whatever reason (i think this is the correct weapon I'm recalling). Missed a part or something [if I recall, it's a fairly tedious and multi-stepped quest]. As such, I didn't have the best weapons for the end-game and struggled to
  5. I agree that enemy mages need more defensive measures, however I do not want the two dozen "protection from X" spells from BG2 where the end-game mages had every single one stacked and you needed to read a freakin' textbook to know how to peel each one away. It was just tedium. I'm also 100% in agreement on the companions. After a few sets of dialogue from each one I realized how apathetic they are about everything else but the PC and themselves (so they don't have much to add elsewhere). They're just so damn amicable. None of what they contribute means much. I was shocked when Viconia ju
  6. The OP dilemma is strong in this game. Especially if you haven't rolled through all your Mage/Druid spells yet either. It's like....80% of my party is green health and i still have 60% of my spells....but this ONE factor (tank being in Red HP) is making me Rest. It is somewhat vexing, I will admit.
  7. Chronology of events = 1) got excited when i saw this thread. really needed that +2. 2) confirmed random loot : gloves of accuracy. 3) got sad. does this mean there are no gloves of mechanics +2 in my game? or can they randomly generate elsewhere?
  8. after building brighthollow, i tried out the resting, once, just to see. Never Again. i already spend 70 percent of my time in defiance bay in loading screens, i don't need to spend that same amount anywhere else in the game. i have yet to make it to twin elms, but if its formatted like defiance bay, then all the more reason to spend as little time in loading screens elsewhere.
  9. I honestly thought I was just lazy and missed some dialogue when I had the exact same issue as you, OP. I remember someone, I think Aloth(?) asking me something along the lines of "Is Thaos weighing on your mind?" And I'm just sitting here going, Did I skip some dialogue earlier? I have no idea who Thaos is. I assumed I just didn't remember the name of the hooded guy when he told me. Then much later I finally get to Webb and she tells me "His name is Thaos" and I'm just like, Uh...yeah, I know. My companion told me.
  10. Regarding OP, a true completionist probably would've gotten the strategy guide (and I think it has hidden item locations in it, if other posts are to be believed). Secondly, my favorite part of the original post was that he was PERFECTLY HAPPY missing all the items when he didn't know about them. Just running through areas in Defiance Bay as content as can be. Ignorance truly is bliss, eh? Thirdly, an earlier post mentioned that this game is relatively easy (after an early hump) and you won't be using 70% of the items you find anyway, not counting the hidden ones, which as has been not
  11. What I've learned from this thread is that there are people who don't live permanently in Fast mode. Crazy.
  12. Crap. I only found out how awesome Slicken was a day or so ago. I'm pretty sure it's the main reason I got through all the drake/xaurip clusters in Searing Fields. Why not just do what every other debuff spell does and simply stop affecting high(er) level lunits? I don't see a problem with its AOE if it just affects the xaurips and leaves the drake unaffected to keep blasting my paladin.
  13. Good to know there are people out there who see the truth about Dark Souls. Nothing bothers me more than people who say DS didn't have story or backstory, because that, by defintion, proves to me they didn't bother reading or doing any real exploration; and just played it like a DMC [or other hack n' slash] game where you just hack through the monsters and only look at stats on items. It's like a little tell. I agree on the companions about them being somewhat boring and I wasn't sure why. Prior comments in this thread seem to make sense. So far I've found them all far too amicable (my bi
  14. Can I ask, in what SPECIFIC scenario does the double-click bug take effect? I don't double-click often; if I recall I really only do it to equip something from the Stash immediately on my character (something along those lines). I have had no issue with it. I need to check my char's stats, because I don't believe I have the double-stat bug either. That, or I'm just a terrible player since I am not steamrolling everything as I would if I had double stats. I'm not going to say that people are "crying" about bugs because I understand what they're going through, and I would be the first pe
  15. The size is definitely below-average as far as aura's go. I'm not too far into the game, but I have a Moon godlike, and I'd say it has a fairly unique size; bigger radius than a lot of Fan AoE but smaller than Chanter and most Modal auras. It's large enough to hit your other frontliner's but probably won't be affecting your ranged characters in the back. I do have the same issue as the previous guy, where my Moon is hit first so only she gets the heal for the 25% proc and a lot of times the 50% proc as well. Even if it's just for themselves, it's a good ability to counter any surprise first-st
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