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  1. Hey, I'm new to boards, what did you expect ?
  2. Finally got enough xp to gain a level in the Obsidian Board B) Guess what ? No skill points to distribute ? No "Persuade" and no "Intimidate" skill ? And feats ? Forget about feats ! No "Power Post" and no "Flurry of Posts" "Critical Post" anyone ? When will Obsidian Board 2 be released ???
  3. Ehh ? Hang on a moment while I try to look that up in the dictionary... Found it. Looks about right
  4. Ehh ? Hang on a moment while I try to look that up in the dictionary...
  5. Actually, whatshisname who runs the academy will let you fall through your test if you suggest that, when you recite and elaborates on the meaning of the Sith code. The Sith philosophy is not about cruelty for crueltys sake, but evolution in its most basic form to make the Sith as a whole stronger. That is also the entire purpose of Sith's taking apprentices and grooms them to the day they are ready to replace to old leader of the pack so to speak. I would rather compare the Sith to a pack of wolves, where the younger ones are tolerated by the pack leader, even though one of them is bound to oust him one day. The point is not to be cruel to the individual, but get the strongest leader for the benefit of the pack.
  6. Sheesh, you look almost as old as me... wait... you are almost as old as me
  7. Who decided that Annah came with a tail then ? That tail... Feargus, was that the guy who picked the Box Art ?
  8. For those who cares, there is a link to a picture of me this thread: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=587 The thread itself was mostly an internal Kiwi joke, being all rabid about Lord of The Rings etc. Picture on Yahoo is genuine though Edit: Your turn Mr. T.
  9. Depends on what the developers and the publisher are trying to accomplish with the game. Do they wan't it to be a combat game or a role-playing game ? They usually don't really go that well hand-in-hand as players (and fans) of the one or the other will resent the osther aspect of the game for intruding into their favourite aspect If I buy a game that claims to be a crpg, I expect a roleplaying game, not a combat game, if i want a combat game, I'll go buy a combat game. Usually makes for a better overall experience to keep genres seperate For the records, I like combat games. Anybody remember Exploding Fist by Melbourne House for the C64 ? Coolest combat game ever B)
  10. Not getting evicted from your office space could also be a consideration
  11. Well, since you are asking... Fewer characters would be nice. Add more depth to them. Using Kotor as an example (since you didn't ask specifically about Kotor), it was a minor pain having 8 npcs, of which you would only pick 2 to accompany you most of the time. And these 2 were more often than not picked for combat skills, not for any roleplaying reasons. Personally, I could have lived with a selection of say 4-5 npcs to choose from. Even better if the effort that went into the 8, had been spent on 4 and thereby making them all more interesting than they were, it was just too unevenly split between them. Make problems solvable but other skills than the blaster and melee ones, to make it more attractive having a thief/diplomat, a pilot/mechanic or a scientist/tech type etc. npc in your party. Make deeper relationships between the npcs and the pc. No, that doesn't necessarily mean romances. You could have a droid that hates your gut, but is bound by a restraining bolt, a mercenary who wants a percentage of all profits you make, a jinxed smuggler who needs you to bust him/her out of jail every time you leave a new planet. Plenty of ideas. The point is, if your group is smaller, odds are, that you care more about the fate of each, whether it's like or dislike. Ah well, enough listening to the little voice in my head...
  12. Yep, I'm one of eleven artists here. Here are the names of the other guys: Aaron Brown Trent Campbell Rick Grossenbacher Lucas Feld Glenn Price Tim Cox Aaron Meyers Doug Cope Mustazar Essa Dennis Presnell Also, we have 3 guys on contract helping out, and they are: Chris Appelhans TJ Frame Robert Giampa I dont recognize any of the names(except for you). Can we have some sort of info about each of the artists previous work? At the risk of going slightly off-topic, how about some bio's in general on the regular staff ? Who they are, what they did, what they are currently doing, what makes them tick etc... Would be nice to have that on the main site's Info menu (or an "Who are we" button) Edit: Erhhh... perhaps I should have posted this under suggestions
  13. Just curious about the development cycle of Delaware. Did work start immediately after the founding of Black Isle, or has work only started in earnest within the last 6 months ? Point is, If they have only just started on Kotor2 recently, they might have been doing something else for Delaware up until now. With a currently rumoured release schedule of Feb. 2005, that leaves a potential 18 month (may be few months wrong) of development on an existing engine... [wild hypothesis]Kotor2 could be whatever was the second state in the US with a development time of about 12 month on the Odyssey engine[/wild hypothesis] B)
  14. Oh, and thanks for persuading me into buying Kotor, great game
  15. Actually, you could get a lot of spinoff products and unoffcial sequels to Tetris, like Twintris (multiplayer Tetris), Hextris etc. So yes, people did spend $ on revamped versions (Breathe slowly, I'm only teasing you...) Come to think of it, I can only remember one game where the experience truly stood out in my memory (PS:T) and its not for lack of trying over a period of 21 years of gaming. Ah well, perhaps "The Matrix" (the original 1984 version by Llamasoft perhaps) Thing is, Its how you remember the game 5 years after, not how many times you remember playing it. I used to play Quake 2 deathmatches to the point of dropping unconscious in front of my screen, but never felt any withdrawal symptons leaving it behind, the game was "shallow" entertainment. I expect more from a roleplaying game where I engage, not only a single chemical substance (adrenaline), but also a host of hormones as a result of an emotional journey. If the price is sacrificing replayability, then bye bye replayability
  16. Like, you're a mercenary, who doesn't like the alcohol, sex and fun deprivation in a Jedi bootcamp ? It's all based on the assumption that you actually want to save the Republic. Just you wait 'till Gorth the Hutt rules all
  17. Kefka sort of hit the mark there (IMO). Combat shouldn't really be the core of the game, but if it's unavoidable, there are ways to make turnbased combat more fluid looking, giving the impression of fluid combat. Can be something as simple as to let the "passive" actor do something while waiting, like parrying, showing off, a bit of acrobatics, or just dancing in a defensive posture (like real fencers). Another good idea was to improve the elegance of the fighting style visibly from simple hack and slash routine of the novice to some advanced ninja style as more points are put into the duelling or lightsaber feats. And thats just for the general fighting. Would still like to see powerattack literally cleave your opponent or flurry turn into a dismember fest (Rodian Kebab, Selkath Fillet anyone ?) Could add a little entertainment to even the less interesting/important encounters...
  18. [conspiracy] I'll laugh my a** off if Kotor2 is the second game Obsidian is working on, misdirecting all attention from the first one, they've been working on since last summer. B) [/conspiracy]
  19. I would suspect, that they at least have to keep up appearances and try, even if its a lost fight.
  20. I know... Most posters with an avatar should be banned for repeated copyright infringements (beyond reasonable excerpts) Has anybody ever claimed the round, smiling yellow face (henceforth SMILEY) as their IP ?
  21. It might have something to do with Obsidians FAQ stating that the illegal distribution of copyrighted material on their boards are not allowed, might get them into trouble. Apparantly their Cluehammer+2 wasn't big enough to bash all the necessary heads and they gave up.
  22. Lets see... Story/Characters would be the Alpha and the Omega in a crpg for me. Second priority would be side quests and missions, they are what adds flavour to the main story. Last thing would be planetsize and detail, helps immersion. Those awfully small areas gave an artificially "caged in" feel to the game. Of way less importance (to me) would be less minigames, flashy graphics, etc. Oh, and please free us from 80% of the already existing inventory clutter, thx. Couldn't care less about combat and robes with hoods.
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