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  1. Like, you're a mercenary, who doesn't like the alcohol, sex and fun deprivation in a Jedi bootcamp ? It's all based on the assumption that you actually want to save the Republic. Just you wait 'till Gorth the Hutt rules all
  2. Kefka sort of hit the mark there (IMO). Combat shouldn't really be the core of the game, but if it's unavoidable, there are ways to make turnbased combat more fluid looking, giving the impression of fluid combat. Can be something as simple as to let the "passive" actor do something while waiting, like parrying, showing off, a bit of acrobatics, or just dancing in a defensive posture (like real fencers). Another good idea was to improve the elegance of the fighting style visibly from simple hack and slash routine of the novice to some advanced ninja style as more points are put into the duelling or lightsaber feats. And thats just for the general fighting. Would still like to see powerattack literally cleave your opponent or flurry turn into a dismember fest (Rodian Kebab, Selkath Fillet anyone ?) Could add a little entertainment to even the less interesting/important encounters...
  3. [conspiracy] I'll laugh my a** off if Kotor2 is the second game Obsidian is working on, misdirecting all attention from the first one, they've been working on since last summer. B) [/conspiracy]
  4. I would suspect, that they at least have to keep up appearances and try, even if its a lost fight.
  5. I know... Most posters with an avatar should be banned for repeated copyright infringements (beyond reasonable excerpts) Has anybody ever claimed the round, smiling yellow face (henceforth SMILEY) as their IP ?
  6. It might have something to do with Obsidians FAQ stating that the illegal distribution of copyrighted material on their boards are not allowed, might get them into trouble. Apparantly their Cluehammer+2 wasn't big enough to bash all the necessary heads and they gave up.
  7. Lets see... Story/Characters would be the Alpha and the Omega in a crpg for me. Second priority would be side quests and missions, they are what adds flavour to the main story. Last thing would be planetsize and detail, helps immersion. Those awfully small areas gave an artificially "caged in" feel to the game. Of way less importance (to me) would be less minigames, flashy graphics, etc. Oh, and please free us from 80% of the already existing inventory clutter, thx. Couldn't care less about combat and robes with hoods.
  8. IIRC, there is a dialogue with the "Council" on Dantooine, where you something along the lines of "Isn't the Council on Coruscant" (incorrectly quoted) and the answer from one the guys is something along the lines of "Yes the main council is there" but the guys currently on Dantooine has something to do here. A cheat from the designers, so they didn't have to add Coruscant to the game probably. If you ask the archivist guy, he says something to the same effect, that the main archives are on Coruscant ? Looks like Dantooine was just a small Jedi Enclave to give the player a feeling of "home" once you bcame a Jedi
  9. Actually TripleRRR, the article said last "known" Jedi. Overlooking these small semanthic finesses seems to make intellectually challenged posters lose it completely
  10. I want to be a Hutt Gorth the Hutt, Evil Crimelord, member of the Exchange. B)
  11. I liked playing DS Revan... I wanted to destroy my enemies, i wanted to dismember them, I wanted to wade through a sea of blood , to decorate the walls with their skin dammit... Errh... Peace and long life or some such...
  12. Replacement limbs seems to be a tradition in the Skywalker family, perhaps it's a ritual all Jedi have to go through ? Replacement heads on the other hand (the jokes gets badder and badder here) might be a bit harder to replace... They could add it as a nice final blow though, if the strike would bring your hitpoints below zero anyway. If death is imminent anyway, loosing a head doesn't really seem that important anymore
  13. Nothing like beating an opponent to death with his own fists. Having 3 hands (2 of your own + 1 of your opponents) should give you an extra attack per round
  14. Please no? The only funny one was Pazaak, and that was completely optional. Didn't the guys in the interview say something about making them all optional (phew) ?
  15. Got any pics? Nah, it was the tail that was important. The low-cut red and grey vest was easy to make in photoshop. Replace the colours on the bikini with the skin colour range. Retouch the leather traps and then you can put a new layer with the vest colours on top of that
  16. just like this eh? B) Definitely better than the roadkill currently on their webpage...
  17. Time to revive an old thread. This topic definitely deserves a bit more respect and a few answers. Did you only have Obsidian developers, game developers or developers in general in mind ?
  18. That's part of the problem. They don't want mods. Ever watched the discussions about Kotor modding on the Bioware boards ? The information control would have made an Iraqi information minister proud Lucasarts is probably scared silly by the thought of Twi'lek pr0n all over the internet.
  19. Modified Bastilas bikini to look Annah's vest. Unfortunately, she missed the most important part, her tail Never figured out to add that extra geometries. Deleted the modified texture in disgust...
  20. Actually, F.U. mentioned in an interview long ago, that they might want to try something else besides crpgs some day. Can't remember the exact wording (or even if it was F.U. who said it). Can anybody jog an old mans memory ?
  21. Apart from the battle animations, they could add a little more drama to the death animations. Even if we can't have JA2 or FO2 style outcomes of battles. How about making the PC version M-Rated, since it's going to sell in smaller quantities anyway ? B)
  22. The Force is strong in marketing. Blood and guts would limit the number of potential buyers because of the censorship rating. On the other hand, Obi Wan didn't exactly split in half and drop his enthrails on the floor when Vader made Jedi Schnitzel of him in the first movie.
  23. Teh h0rror, somebody actually listens to you Like H.K. said, Tombraider used to be good, at least for the first two games. Wouldn't mind seing Obsidian doing something original though, along the lines of a crpg/exploration game instead of the umpteenth crpg/combat game If I want realtime combat, I'll play Pacman
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