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  1. well good news lol I finally am playing torment planescape again. Found it on gametap they have alot of older games. BG2 icewind series planescape. Going to see if gametap can add some other of my older favorites. Dungeon keeper 2/themepark hospital spellforce and such.
  2. Yeah I expected those type of comments. When I'm typing fast and long explanations on the internent I write in fragments alot.
  3. I thought the scripts worked great for me. My main is always a paladin in BG2 because hell they are so dang strong once you get holy avenger haste boots and reflect coat. Minsc got to have minsc just for his funny saying. JUMP ON MY SWORD WHILE YOU CAN EVIL I WON"T BE AS GENTLE. BOO SAYS WHAT, plus hes a great fighter. Anomen cause he is a great healer and at end of game I give him the +25 titan hammer. Yoshimo even though he dies later is a great asset once he gets the boom blade I forget whats its called right now I know it was a katana. The girl that needs you to help clear trolls ou
  4. Thats cool as long as they throw dakkon back in there along with whoever did his voice. The knowing speeches he gave was priceless. And in knowin grow strong. I would also love and have always wanted to see a game formated to Times of Troubles. The module where the main God AO of D@D realms sent all of the gods to earth as human form because he wanted them to understans what it ws like to be mortal but with god like powers. The only God that was allowed to stay in the heavens was Helm and he gaurded the stairwell so no Goids could come back up til they learned there lesson. Except for My
  5. I'd love to become a writer for games. Always wanted to do that. But I have 6 more years left in the Air Force until I retire. Then me and the wife plan on RVing around since the kids will be 19 and 20 then and off to college. I always had great ideas for games my wife said along time ago I should of made games instead of serve in the Air Force (married 15 years now). Long time ago in my youth I played D@D alot was also a dungeon master about 5 times lol back then. One of the funnest times I had playing D@D I played a druid. Since I was the only healer class lol, the DM decided not to e
  6. Only problem I have with dying in BG2 is the illythids. Lol best way i found to beat them was open a door keep the area they re in shaded to where they don't have visual contact with you. Then take a mage cast cloudkill in the room. As fast as possible I would then use cloudkill wand since it's not casting time. Then I would hurry and close the door or they would come after you and do that psi thing on your brain and then yout one hit dead. I'd rather fight dragons than illythids lol.
  7. Also no I didn't patch it I read that on the many searches through google for about 4 days lol. It's supposed to be already patched.
  8. Thanks for the many repies. I made a mistake. I forgot i loaded windows 2002 xp with service pack 2. Yes I'm using the 2 CD version. I went through for now going on 4 days through google and such trying to find an answer. But no one says anything just about the 4 disks version. It plays perfectly on wondows 2002 xp until I get to leaving the mortuary. Once I get to the mortuary it crashes and says Microsoft c++ runtime error. When the movie is about to play. I also loaded the game to my other computer that is windows 2000 service pack 2 and the same thing happened plays perfect unt
  9. Oh and forgot to add made my paladin on BG2 a inquisitor so he couldnt be feared or leveled drained only think he lost was lay on hands. Very powerful main class character for BG2.
  10. Thanks I never use the evil characters on game didn't know that was his quest. My main character is always on every game a paladin or druid/fighter dual class. For Baldur's gate 2 once you get the +5 holy avenger, boots of haste and the cloak of magic reflect from the underwater city. Your paladin is more not like a character, your more like a FORCE to be reckoned with ripping through stuff. Great game
  11. I've read google for about 3 days now and can't find an answer. I've switched the compatibilities and they dont work. Was thinking of just doing a system restore it worked before I did all the microsoft updates. I read one website where it said do not install service pack 2 it messes up alot of old games causing the microsoft c++ runtime error.
  12. Also wanted to add I see alot of posts about torment being the best game ever made. Even when I talk to be about games that like roleplaying games. It's always the same thing torment planescape was the best game ever made roleplaying style. MAN I HOPE THEY MAKE A SEQUEL. Suikoden one I played as a kid. Game was so dang popular it didn't make alot of sales at first. But the company got such a demand to make a sequel it sold so fast. Now there up to number 5 in suikoden now. Got to admit though whoever designed suikoden 3 and 4 didn't do to well. But suikoden 1 2 and 5 were awesome. Su
  13. I'm trying to play torment again and have failed to get the game to work. It crashes everytime once I try to leave the mortuary. It says Microsoft C++ runtime error. Think it is having problems with playing the movie. I have Windows xp 2000 and service pack 2 installed. Please if anyone knows I'd love to play that game again. Also Baldurs gate 2 always lol I can't figure out 2 things in the game everytime i play it. In the temple area, there is that dudes house pinachio or whatever his name is. I can't get the door open he always says go away. Also there is a house in the te
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