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  1. I haven't played SR:R (yet), but I think portrait+text only works brilliantly in SR:DF.
  2. @player1 I doubt it's an oversight. Afaik, their 2 (?) 2d artists had to design all the cultures/styles, weapons and armour, creatures and monsters, areas, UI, scripted interactions and portraits. That sounds like quite a lot of work, so I reckon they had to prioritize. Edit: I forgot items.
  3. I don't know which is more effective; spending money on voice acted NPCs, or just throwing dollar bills out the window. Yes, I'd prefer more portraits, but it seems the 2d artists had quite a lot on their plate.
  4. All you do in this comment is confirm the prejudice that american people do more stive for rhetoric than content. There is absolutely no wall of text, it is for you, you have the attentionspan of a child. Additionally as a "philosopher" your thoughts should be anything than short, cause a philosophers wants to look behind the everyday reductionism to uncover its deceitfulness instead of making it even stronger. Notice how concisely you were able to formulate that?
  5. I'm having trouble imagining the particle effects boosting frame rates. Would love an option to turn them off and/or down (and not just spell effects, but constant environmental fog/dust/whatever effects, as well). *sigh*
  6. Would love to see further performance optimization and low graphics options, if possible. (The frame rate cap was a very good addition, IMO.)
  7. Sounds kind of similar to this: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79023-loading-issues-with-cilant-lis/
  8. @nipsen The engagement system? How, specifically, is it different? (how was it, how is it now - and how is it a problem?) (And, no, I'm not really interested in hearing more about your personal beefs and grudges with whoever and whatever. Water, meet bridge..)
  9. I think it makes sense to voice act the banter/barks/comments taking place outside of the conversation window.
  10. You should get the corresponding forum badges (green "K" and bronze/silver/gold) below your name/picture when you have correctly confirmed your pledge. (I missed out on the second step of that process when we were first prompted to confirm our pledges/rewards. )
  11. When I come across a wall of text, either in a game or otherwise, I generally take a deep breath and [try to] accept the fact that it will take some time to read through it. Reading slower might actually be a good idea, too..
  12. What about when you hover over the individual attack entry in the log - is the additional burn damage missing from the full calculation in the tooltip?
  13. Yeah, it could be the cooldown, I guess. Doesn't happen all the time, though. Sometimes the circular attack icon (next to the cooldown timer) changes to an ability icon even when the character seems to be in the middle of an attack/recovery, sometimes it doesn't. Stupid question, perhaps, but do interrupts cancel ability uses? I was under the impression that interrupts merely delay actions. And what about enemy abilities like "Screaming stun" (or whatever it is called)?
  14. Not triggering at all, as far as I can tell. At least not on the first attempt - even though I get the red/blue sword cursor and make sure I click on the enemy and not misclick on the ground or something. I'll pay more attention to interrupts and speeds and stuff to see if that could be the reason.
  15. Hm, I'm having similar issues with actives seemingly not triggering (Knockdown on Calisca (sp?), and some blue flamey sword ability I've forgotten the name of on my paladin..). Do you have to already stand next to the enemy you want to use the active on in order for it to properly trigger?
  16. Yeah, going after individual people on facebook and whatnot has nothing to do with wanting to censor their opinions... of course not..
  17. Yeah, that seems like one feasible solution to the issues with VA in conversations - while still keeping the VA for companion barks and RTS style "affirmatives".
  18. In my nVidia control panel I created a custom profile for pillarsofeternity.exe , and changed the 'Vertical Sync.' setting to 'Adaptive (half refresh rate)' . (That's all translated from norwegian, so those may not be the actual names.. ) I'm guessing that caps the framerate at 30 (instead of 60). At any rate, the GPU fan is now producing more of a Steady Breeze, instead of the previous Howling Gale. (Or so the external sensors attached to my head tell me..)
  19. This installer, and the previous ones, took quite a while to actually finish on my end (it would just sit on ~99% for a long time). I'm on vista, though..
  20. @navlasop Well, the slider just says "Graphics Quality" on my end (GOG, 1.03 without the hotfix yet), but I'm assuming it governs AA, yes.
  21. It seems to me like they prioritized bug fixing over performance optimization for the final pre-release crunch. Hence the altered min/req specs and the lack of AA/character texture quality sliders etc.. And if they can get rid of the "bugsidian" label, then more power to them! Wouldn't mind an optimization/performance pass, though, if possible. (Not entirely sure what the 'graphics quality' slider does. I cannot really detect any difference in either visual quality or sheer GPU/CPU fan pitch/volume [very sophisticated method of gauging performance, I know..])
  22. Say "Thanks, OCD, but I'm on to you.. You just want to keep me from enjoying my game."
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