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  1. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me. The aura bug, at least for me, is tied to Pallegina's aura. I already posted this bug in another thread + savefile and screenshot of the problem. Now, two palain auras are stuck on 3 of my characters ... Those bugs are really getting out of hand right now, so much that I'm considering to stop playing the game at all for the moment.
  2. I have the problem with Pallegina's auras as well. I'll post a screenshot of this problem. As you can see on the lower left, my Watcher has both Zealous Endurance and Exalted Endurance while Eder and Xoti have Zealous Focus and Exalted Endurance. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3uhk6lu4qix1oec/Screenshot%202018-05-18%2011.35.25.png A similar problem occurs with Stalker's Link, which seems to be active even when my animal companion is knocked out. Unfortunately I can't post a screenshot of it, since I have deactivated Steam Overlay (due to other bugs, lol) and I can't make screenshots while I hold Shift. Here's the save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dcx5l3w05rwvpes/Aeryn%20%285f6df8b0-67b9-4079-9132-cf420dfa66d5%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
  3. I also think it's good where classes are at the moment. Multiclasses are meant to be more experimental, so a little risk in building them is much appreciated and actually contributes to the fun of it.
  4. Sorry, my bad, just looked it up myself with my Chanter. It's still not really clear how they affect it, though. For one invocation the duration is +15% while for other it's +10% or even +5%. Summons also get a longer duration, but there is no explanation at all.
  5. Power Levels are one of the most confusing things in my opinion and they definitely should either be better implemented im the game or better explained in the stats or in a tutorial, what they actually affect. For a chanter, for example, Power Level can affect the damage of invocations with a certain amount of +% (seemingly without any rule to it) but don't affect any duration at all, so that the Beckoner subclass doesn't really benefit from it.
  6. Shifter claws act as one-handed weapons while the Storm Blight weapon (Fury) acts as two-handed weapon, so they definitely benefit from those passives. But you don't really know that until you shift into that form and look at the weapon. So a little bit more explanation beforehand would be really nice.
  7. + Druids get one spell for free for every Power Level Generally, I'm very happy with the new version. It's really well polished and they listened to all the feedback. First I appreciated the changes to Resolve, but learned to dislike it with time, so I'm also happy they changed it back. What I liked the most is that now single-class characters are actually valid, with the added passives and extra skill for every Power Level. One thing that bothers me, but could be a bug, is that characters now seem to slide around during battles, when enemies move nearby. That's probably to avoid collision with pathfinding, but it's really annoying when characters who are engaging mobs of enemies just get "pushed" aside for no reason and suddenly expose my squishier characters.
  8. Single-classes now are so much fun to play. I rolled a Fury Druid and the added abilities really make a difference. Especially spell based classes will have a much better time now.
  9. Tried out Ascetic (Shifter/Monk) in hopes of building the ultimate feral damage dealer (Swift Strike in combination with Cat Flurry Attack) till I found out that claws are now considered as a one handed weapon... ? With that seemingly minor change, they made the whole point of the Ascetic multiclass negligible, in my opinion.
  10. I wouldn't say that the resemblance goes any further than both of them being roughly triangular. And that explanation doesn't account for the waves and the reference to sharks-- Eir Glanfath is landlocked. I'd strongly argue that it goes more than being just roughly triangular. This symbol has the distinctive shape of a Triskelion, a symbol which, in reality, dates way back to the stone age, but is often associated with Celtic symbolism from which Glanfathan art (and also a little bit Engwithan) borrows heavily. True, Eir Glanfath is landlocked, but that's why I think the waves are very important. The waves, along with a ship and five stars, are the coat of arms of the Vailian republic: https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/d/d7/Vailian_Republics_coa.png And we shouldn't forget, that the last pictures always depicted aspects of characters (i.e. possible companions) and not nations or world states, so I don't necessarily think that Eir Glanfath conquered parts of the Vailian Republic and now has access to the sea. I just think it's a character that has at least relations to both nations.
  11. This symbol strongly resembles the smybol of Eir Glanfath. The person also mentions that "the tribes may not respect this throne". So, yeah, we probably have a Glanfathan companion... and the Glanfathans don't seem to like a certain throne. Maybe the throne of the ducs? They are foreigners in the eyes of the Glanfathans. https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/2/26/Eir_Glanfath_coa.png?version=a6c4efb3453f5b9711d48559c0fa84b4
  12. It's also interesting to point out, that the base game of Pillars had 8 companions. We have 8 symbols and one of the symbol is already seen with a quote from Eder.
  13. It's probably Huana "t". With that we have two Engwithan letters (d,r), two Vailian (a,e), two Eadyran (e,f) and two Huana (i,t) But since Huana doesn't seem to have a "d" they maybe replace them with their "t" so "Dea(t)fire" could be very likely.
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